The James Cameron Method is the act of taking elements from three seperate properties and combining them into one brand-new story. You can read more about it here. Below is an automatically generated list of films, along with what elements to take from them... just in case you're feeling especially lazy!

1.) In the world of ...
2.) the character(s) from ...
3.) do stuff from !

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Examples of how to "read" your results…

In the world of Bridges of Madison County, the characters from Night of the Living Dead do stuff from Sleepless in Seattle.
… In an idillic rural landscape, survivors of the apocalypse correspond, fall in love, and resolve to meet.

In the world of Star Trek, the characters from Eyes Wide Shut do stuff from Halloween.
… In the far future, a couple in a loveless relationship are stalked by a relentless killer.

In the world of Groundhog Day, the characters from Robocop do stuff from Sister Act.
… Trapped in a seemingly infinite time loop, a powerful cyborg must hide within a religious institution.

In the world of 28 Days Later, the characters from Nightmare on Elm Street do stuff from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
… The world is in shambles, and if you fall asleep some dude in a dress ****s you.

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