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on: 03:40:01 AM 04/22/13
May 13th, 2010

Alyssa Moreno (16) and her boyfriend, Jack Easton (18), are engaged in romantic activities at the Whitty household. George and Victoria Whitty have left their three year old son, Henry, in Alyssa's care.

At 11:45 PM, a male friend of Alyssa receives a text message.


Matthew Moreno, Alyssa's father, died of severe head trauma due to a factory accident in 2006.

Local authorities receive a call at 12:00 midnight. George and Victoria Whitty seem frantic, and dispatch requests they remain calm.


911 Operator: Ma'am, calm down. I can't understand you.
VICTORIA: (unintelligible) heads! Jesus, (unintelligible) heads are!
911 Operator: Ma'am, again, please calm down. Is there someone else I can talk to?
VICTORIA: Here! (unintelligible) George!
GEORGE: Hello?
911 Operator: Sir, what is your emergency?
GEORGE: Ahh, God... Jesus...
911 Operator: Sir.
GEORGE: Their heads. Their heads their heads. (unintelligible) telephone.
911 Operator: Sir, I don't understand you. Do you need an ambulance?
GEORGE: What the fuck is that going to do? Their heads are fucking (unintelligible) you (unintelligible) fucker!

Authorities arrived to find both teens decapitated, their severed heads placed on nearby surfaces with household telephones propped against or laid upon their ears.


Officer Garland: I have eyes on the scene. Moving room to room in search of perpetrator.
Officer Macks: I am en route to scene.
Officer Garland: House is clear.
(Officer Garland attempts to continue, but quickly silences his radio. A brief retching sound can be heard.)
Officer Garland: Two deceased. Third unconscious. EMTs on the scene.

Henry Whitty was discovered by his parents in an upstairs bedroom. At the time, the toddler's skin was blue and a telephone cord had been wound tightly around his throat. Though he survived, damage to the child's voice box has most likely rendered him mute for the remainder of his life.

Several suspects are questioned, including Alyssa's ex-boyfriend. No leads arise, and the case immediately runs cold. A call placed to the Whitty household at the reported time appeared to have no associated dialing number.


May 13th, 2011

Keith Trainer (37), a comic & gaming shop owner, has purchased the estate of the deceased Otto Lang (62), a local collector. Included in this lot are several first appearances of major characters, as well as rare misprints. The shop, "Mindless Elf Indulgence", has closed for the night. Richard Argos (23) and Chad Huddlesworth (20) are in Mr. Trainer's employ and are helping to bag and price the recently acquired stock.

At 11:45 PM, Chad makes a post on the store's internet message board under the username "BadChad"

Quote: "Hey, whoever prank called the shop. Shit's not funny."

Quote: (REPLY) "Why? What happened?"

Quote: "Asshole called the business number and said he was Otto and he wanted to know what we were doing with his books. Whoever did that, I'm going to find your ass and make you my bitch."

Local authorities received a call the next morning, when customers noticed the shop had not been opened and they discovered a broken window in the storefront.


911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
UNIDENTIFIED CUSTOMER: Hey, uh... yeah, uh...
911 Operator: Sir?
UNIDENTIFIED CUSTOMER: Sorry, yeah, uh... uh... Yeah. I'm at the comic shop.
911 Operator: What is your emergency, sir?
UNIDENTIFIED CUSTOMER: Oh! Yeah. There's a window broken and... uh... the people who work here, like, aren't here... and they're usually here.
911 Operator: Sir, are you reporting a break-in?
911 Operator: I'll send an Officer to your location.
UNIDENTIFIED CUSTOMER: Uhhhmm... you're not gonna like this, probably, buuuut... Ricky's going in.
911 Operator: Sir, please tell Ricky not to go in.
UNIDENTIFIED CUSTOMER: Ricky, (unintelligible) idiot. Hang on 911, okay?
911 Operator: Alright.
(a commotion is heard)
UNIDENTIFIED CUSTOMER: Okay, I have a hold of him.
RICKY: (unintelligible)

Authorities arrived and entered the premises through the shattered window. Inside, they discovered the body of Mr. Trainer. His head appeared to be removed and had been placed alongside a telephone receiver on the check-out counter. In the back office, Mr. Argos and Mr. Huddlesworth were similarly decapitated.

With only one phone left within the store, the latter individuals' heads were made to share a receiver pressed precariously between each man's ear.

Mr. Trainer's body was found splayed across the floor, while Mr. Argos and Mr. Huddleworth's bodies remained seated on a couch in the office. The office door was locked and barricaded from the inside, with no alternate entrance.

No viable suspects were considered, and robbery was ruled out as nothing had been taken. Again, a call placed to the scene around the time of the murders had no associated dialing number. The 911 callers did not remain on the scene, though later authorities managed to track down Ricky Tyson, who admitted he had been there and attempted to enter the scene.

Ricky noted that the window was probably broken by a vintage lunch box that had been thrown from inside, possibly in an attempt to fend off the attacker. No such item could be found at the scene, and it is presumed to be stolen due to its monetary value.


May 13th, 2012

Web designer Carl Facus (29) is up late, developing a social networking site for other web programmers. He recently acquired the domain name "" on backorder, and, according to his blog, he plans to use it for this project. was previously owned by domain name speculator Alan Scopes (40), who died from brain cancer some months earlier, after which his portfolio expired.

At 11:45 PM, Carl Facus posts to Twitter.

QUOTE: Anyone know why someone would call to ask what I was doing w/his site? Hoax? Seriously freaked out dude sounded PISSED. #WTF #SCAM @GoDaddy

At 11:50 PM, Carl Facus called 911.


911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
CARL: Fuck. Shit. (unintelligible)
911 Operator: Sir, what is your emergency?
CARL: (unintelligible) in the house. In the house!
911 Operator: Sir, who's in the house?
CARL: Who? What, who? What! What's in the house!
911 Operator: I don't understand what you're telling me. Help is on the way, you'll have to calm down.
CARL: (unintelligible) guy with a bigmouth face and (unintelligible) legs. Like backward.
911 Operator: Sir, are you on any medication?
CARL: Hands like combs or saws cut through shit moving them like rubbing (unintelligible) together.
911 Operator: I need to know if you're on medication. Calm down and tell me what you see. Tell me where you are in the house.
CARL: I'm in the hallway (unintelligible) cell phone. It keeps looking around fucking confused like (unintelligible) shit. Shit! Shit.
911 Operator: Sir.
CARL: Shit shit shit. Fuck! Shit.
(running footsteps can be heard)
911 Operator: Alright, sir. If you're seeing something in your house, just stay away from it until Officers arrive.
CARL: I am voice (unintelligible) said I am voice. No idea where it came from.

Authorities arrived to find Mr. Facus' home in disarray, with furniture overturned and debris strewn about. Mr. Facus was found hiding in an upstairs bathroom, and appeared to be fine except for lacerations on his face and neck. The cuts appeared to be made by saw blades, and no such weapon could be found in the vicinity.

After a thorough psychiatric evaluation, Mr. Facus was released from custody. He has not recanted his original description of the intruder, and could only offer one possible explanation as to why the "thing" did not decapitate him.

After being told about the previous two cases, authorities noted a single phrase repeated several times by Mr. Facus. He reportedly became quiet and pale, then uttered these words as if they were of great importance.

Quote: "No land line. I didn't have a land line."
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Oh so Phone is Phone. Best reference story so far. I've been working my way through all the stories one by one, and I like this one quite a bit.


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It's just that you have such a funnyvoice (O)==(O)@@@@@@@  :lookaround: