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Title: My Children
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I leave this note for my children, that they may some day understand my motivations.

When I began, my intentions were pure. You... all of you... were lost, abandoned, and feared. I suppose a good number of you were disoriented, confused by the ways of "normal" men. You were unable to coexist with humanity in a way benefiting the both of you.

I took you in. In those early days, I was your savior. I was the good Doctor, a man who came to you in times of trouble and offered a friendly hand.

As you might expect, there are not many who would contemplate such a thing. To give charity to those considered "monsters" by the small of mind... well, I suppose to a great many people I became a "monster" as well.

Gestalt, I hope that you are alive and well upon discovery of these writings. I also hope your English has come along well enough for you to understand my words. You were the first of my children, my wayward adopted son, and I sincerely wish nothing but the best for you.

I recall our first encounter, when I knew nothing of your kind and thought you a myth. How absurd it must have seemed to you. I had set a trap with some old fish heads from the market dumpster, never realizing your tastes were much more refined! You'll have to forgive a young man's trust in old wives' tales.

I had hoped to one day leave this all to you, Gestalt. The mansion... the sanctuary... all of it. My dream, foolish as it may have been, was to educate you in the ways of humanity to the point you might pass for a man.

Now it seems your books will be all the education you may receive, and for that I apologize.

All of this started small. I was the lonely widower who thought to adopt a single 'pet', if you'll forgive the crude analogy. Soon, there were two. Then four. As I grew older, so grew the horde of outcasts in my charge.

Looking back, I should have realized I couldn't properly take care of you all. It was more than one man could handle, and by the end of it I assume most of you could find no corner clear of your filth.

I should never have trusted the girl. What possessed me to take her in as well? I collected the otherworldly outsiders... the bedraggled things no one cared to understand... what reason did I have to bring in that damned, silly girl?

Perhaps she was one of you, a slight, waifish creature who merely wore the skin of a woman. Perhaps I couldn't see that after decades of staring into the eyes of the truly deformed.

If this note is not found by my dear Gestalt... if instead some interloper now holds this paper in their hands... please, I beg of you, be kind to my children. You will find no end of trouble within these walls, I'm sure, but know that they act as they do out of fear and ignorance.

The "Mama's Boy" will attempt to frighten you, but please - PLEASE know he will do you no harm. You will know him by his spheroid head, the black-lipped mouth which takes up the entirety of that head, and his constant monosyllabic gibbering.

It will be a quick "Mama" or a drawn-out, infantile "Ma-ma-ma-ma".

Look past the blotched skin, the stringy hair, and see that beyond what may seem a ghoulish facade rests the heart of a broken and lonely child.

I wish I had the time to cover them all, but I fear I must soon cut this letter short. Had I not feared the eventual exposure of my sanctuary, I would have kept detailed notes concerning each of my children.

The Rattler.

Please beware the Rattler. If I only have the time for one additional bit of advice, that would have to be it. Listen for the sound, like that of a rattlesnake, and for the love of God don't follow it. The missing livestock in nearby villages should be blamed entirely upon myself. The Rattler's appetite is extreme, and resorting to common theft became my only viable option.

It is important I not be blamed for this breach. I collected these creatures... kept them away from the blind, superstitious masses. I am a savior to you as well as them!

Whatever happens now is the girl's fault.

Why... WHY did I allow her in? As weary and overworked as I was, it makes no sense. Still, I took her under my wing... proudly showed her the facilities...

Now, she's released my children and set them upon me!

"They need some sense of freedom," she scolded me, "They need kindness, understanding and companionship."

As if I haven't provided all of that and more! Surely it's not my fault if my children grew so large in number that I fell behind on trivial aspects such as timely feeding or preventing them from savaging each other.

I'm one man!

I suppose it is time to bring this note to a close, may the Lord guide it to the proper hands.

Here now is a sound at the door.

Here now is the rattle.
Title: Re: My Children
Post by: voodoohandbag on 08:33:06 PM 11/15/13
The girl was... Lizzie, right? From 'Companionship'.
Title: Re: My Children
Post by: Slimebeast on 09:41:37 PM 11/15/13
Yes! :B
Title: Re: My Children
Post by: benman999 on 06:19:53 AM 11/16/13
cool >:O
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Post by: aLa on 10:17:50 PM 11/20/13
Aw shucks, was this a sequel? Darn...
Title: Re: My Children
Post by: Gyro on 10:23:23 PM 11/20/13
Actually, it looks more like a prequel.