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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:32:56 AM 06/03/15 »
there should be C.H.U.D. enemies in the sewers

The Shitty Stories / Re: Big Deal
« on: 02:32:04 AM 09/02/14 »
well satan did say "first Job, now this" implying twice in all of eternity.
on average that's like [undefined] per infinity. :takataka:

The Shitty Stories / Re: Big Deal
« on: 03:21:03 AM 09/01/14 »
Love the twist

Though I dunno about Satan's metrics for a serious gambling problem though. Two gambles in 4000~years?

The Slime Pit / Re: Look-a dis thing
« on: 02:58:41 AM 09/01/14 »
Your voice is actually way less creepy than I imagined it being too.

I sorta imagined some combination between Lurch,  Gollum and this guy .

The Slime Pit / Re: Look-a dis thing
« on: 05:31:12 AM 08/29/14 »
made me subscribe

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:23:46 AM 08/29/14 »
Darryl is the girlfriend that tells you it's over, then shows up drunk at the door two nights later.

I like to imagine you are speaking in literal terms here

General Discussion / Star Wars reviews
« on: 03:05:53 AM 08/26/14 »
They're fucking great.
Everyone here needs to watch them.
There's like 250 minutes of the starwars prequels getting critically torn apart.
I rewatch them like once every couple months.

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 03:01:20 AM 08/26/14 »
I was expecting a pic from mary  :-\
My face is actually in violation of public obscenity laws. I have to wear a paper bag when I go out.

My preferred term is pachyphile tyvm

No! I only share my elephant fetishes with my elephant fetish support group >:(

If I had an elephant fetish, that is. :lookaround:

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 10:36:19 PM 08/24/14 »
You have a much younger looking face than 30 though Steel. If it wasn't for the grey hair, I woulda guessed around 27.

Well now I just look like I've got an elephant fetish that I randomly like to share >:(

General Discussion / Afflicted
« on: 06:39:08 AM 08/24/14 »
Anyone else seen this?
Favorite horror this year.

If you liked Chronicle, you might like this too.

I'll tell you what else is huge :dodgy:


General Discussion / Re: Ferguson
« on: 05:00:33 AM 08/21/14 »
When there have been protests here (recently, anyway) there are always regular old uniformed officers walking around keeping an eye on everything and making sure everyone is staying safe and staying peaceful.
I participated in some sign waving about minimum wage increases recently and the cops were just being watchful, just like they do at any other public event.
That's the sort of deterrance/prevention that's needed, instead of stormtroopers.

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