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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:09:03 AM 12/30/15 »
I would like to suggest werewolves, and cars, and vampires having the ability to fly and drop people off the map.

A classic suggestion that has been needed to be implemented for some time now.   :propeller:

What?! Christina Rose? Holy guacamole! Hollllllerrrrrrrr!  :hurr:

Hell Rising / Re: Krampus Drops...
« on: 10:00:43 AM 12/11/15 »
 D: Oh snap

Hell Rising / Re: Krampus Drops...
« on: 02:04:15 PM 12/10/15 »
I was hoping people would enjoy giving each other broken toys for the holidays to troll each other (hence why they drop in multiples) but I guess not. I'll figure something out.

It doesn't really bother me, but I don't take this game so super seriously right now. It's really a coffee break thing for me, so I'm not trying to farm rare drops or anything. That said, I've managed to kill the Krampus I think 3 times and received broken toys and defective toys (you tell me what these are MO!). I saw lippsyl got a woolen noose. I don't know, I'm not butt hurt by it or anything. :poopalm:

Hell Rising / Re: Krampus Drops...
« on: 12:12:54 PM 12/10/15 »
What if you could craft with the broken toy, say fiddling with a screwdriver, to make it a defective toy (which unless I'm wrong, seems to be some sort  of explosive/trap thing, have only tried 2 out, which were "duds" and don't want to waste the others yet)  :lookaround: :poopalm:

Hell Rising / Krampus Drops...
« on: 10:25:01 AM 12/08/15 »
Has anyone else had any drops from Krampus? I managed to take him out once and received 5 "Defective Toys" that you are able to set up in a building, but I've yet to find what it's intended purpose is. Anyone else get any fun stuff?

General Discussion / Re: Hypothetical Super Band...
« on: 12:04:25 PM 11/18/15 »
Really, no one?  :'(

General Discussion / Hypothetical Super Band...
« on: 02:24:10 PM 11/13/15 »
Let's play a game called Hypothetical Super Band.

Rules are simple, you add someone to the band. They have to be in the band doing something musically they actually do in real life. Copy and paste the list into your response. Let's try to keep it to 3 guitars though. Be creative. Other categories, as seen below, are acceptable, but let's not run off the rails too soon here. :bleed:

I'll start.

Tom Waits - Backup vocals / wild hollering, banging on metal with hammers.

Hell Rising / Re: What the...
« on: 10:35:14 AM 10/28/15 »

Stop being a cool guy and make a :goldenpoopoo: emoji Mo!

Hell Rising / Re: Interview with a Programmer
« on: 09:32:16 AM 10/27/15 »
"Combine Gold Bar and Poopoo for Golden Poopoo."

I request :goldenpoopoo: emoji. As soon as possible. Thanks Mo.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:16:17 AM 03/18/15 »
It would be neat if you could put your Lazarix Access Tag in your Lazarix Case.  :lookaround:

Dribs & Drabs / Re: My Robot Masters (8 of 8!)
« on: 03:47:01 PM 03/16/15 »
 :C no.

Dribs & Drabs / Re: My Robot Masters (8 of 8!)
« on: 02:54:35 PM 03/16/15 »
Dude, your sprites/pixel art/poop etc has always been awesome. I love it. Sorry, old post is old. :old:

Slimy Stories / Re: Hand-Outs
« on: 02:40:19 PM 03/09/15 »
Pretty fantastic man.  :log:

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 08:54:48 AM 03/09/15 »
It definitely is kind of dead, but it's still fun for me. It's nothing like the old days when there were literally 40-70 people in a fort, hiding or active, fighting off waves of zombies and wild tk'ing humans. I disappeared for a year or so when the game was offline. There's a million reasons people left, but I came back and keep playing because it's an awesome game, plus, Slimebeast is a crusty ol man and good for entertainment too. I think we can manage someday to get a larger active player base again.
:leftleg: :taka: :rightleg:

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