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Slimy Stories / Re: Robber
« on: 05:33:54 PM 10/15/15 »
I'm guessing they keep garlic behind the counter, now.

General Discussion / A little computer question
« on: 08:52:19 PM 10/04/14 »
I need a free and reliable antivirus/antispyware program. Do any of you know of one that you could recommend to me?

The Slime Pit / Re: Look-a dis thing
« on: 05:27:44 PM 09/10/14 »
You sounded like Kermit the Frog at certain parts. I like Kermit, so that's definitely a compliment.

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 03:31:33 PM 08/25/14 »
About the machines, can the Mantis Drones be harmed in any way? I keep trying to attack them but I always get an error message telling me I'm out of range.

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 08:31:03 AM 08/25/14 »
Before I begin another day of low-pay manual labor, another selfie:

^ that was the photo I used for my driver's license ^

Hell Rising / Re: Meaning of your player name
« on: 05:34:13 AM 08/07/14 »
Malt liquor (obviously).  :P

General Discussion / Re: Favorite Dead Movie?
« on: 03:44:48 AM 08/06/14 »

Hell Rising / Re: Inventory/Backpack Thread
« on: 03:25:31 PM 06/24/14 »
After I found one on a slain rioter's corpse, I found myself inside a grocery store. So, naturally, I started jamming canned goods into it. :V

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:17:13 PM 06/24/14 »
I don't have any suggestions. I just wanted to use this thread to express my gratitude to the programmer who added backpacks to the game.  It felt real good the first time I loaded one up with medkits and canned vegetables.

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:43:40 PM 06/20/14 »
Oh thanks. :D

Hell Rising / Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 09:37:22 PM 06/19/14 »
I didn't see this anywhere else on the forum, and I thought it would be useful to make a thread for people who want to pose questions and get answers from more seasoned players.

Since I've just started playing the new version of HR and am completely lost, I need to know one thing: what are the coordinates for the Fort Boilings Entrance?

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 12:42:26 AM 06/07/14 »
nice to put a face to the feet. (the only "selfie" i remember you ever posting is one of your sandaled feet.)

I figure since I've already posted my face on several other parts of the internet, it's time I got around to doing this.

(And my feet are still just as hideous and callous-riddled as ever.)

General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: 07:59:09 AM 05/28/14 »
If you loathe hipsters, you're sure to get a giggle out of this:


General Discussion / Re: My Little Pony
« on: 05:06:38 AM 05/17/14 »
Just finished watching Equestria Girls on Daily Motion. I liked the part where the mane six stopped an attack by Sunset Shimmer and entered a sequence where Twilight Sparkle narrated their elements of harmony. It gave me a really strong Captain Planet vibe (which is good, because Captain Planet is one of my favorite cartoons).

The Slime Pit / Re: The life and times of Derpy McDoo
« on: 12:41:01 AM 05/07/14 »
 :( I wish I could grow sideburns like that. I can grow a neckbeard, but that's all.

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