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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:53:10 PM 03/20/19 »
I still think a smaller map would  be benificial  :lookaround:

Now that there are more players it should be ok.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:31:53 PM 10/16/18 »

NOW WE ARE TALKIN'  :D :lookaround: ;D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:33:48 PM 10/16/18 »
 :)  Ok folks. Mammon can't get in to the server anymore.
 Is there anyone that can maybe shrink the map a bit or something? 

It's Halloween for craps sake!

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:44:01 AM 05/24/18 »
let the droogs know hiei. Maybe we can get in on last event.  So we can burn it down properly :)

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:33:28 PM 05/23/18 »
Since Mammon quit, I think it's a good time to finally put HR out of its misery. There's no future for this stuff. Every programmer ends up shitting the bed.

Le sigh. Take care Mo it's been fun. Check the HR chat in game for a good way to go down in flames :)

Hell Rising / Re: Superhumans?
« on: 11:49:43 AM 01/12/18 »
At first I thought it were layers but apparantly you added NPC  :hurr:

what the hell you feeding these kids though? "A Baby New Year spanks you with their oversized rattle for 10 damage to your head. You die."  :o

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:49:16 AM 01/12/18 »
Wow, Hellrising is still around :)

My account is gone for some reason though :/ but it's been so many years so that's understandable.

I'm a hobbyist programmer, I have dabbled in php and database before so if I can help in any capacity just let me know. :)

Others have offered to help with no luck at all.  Seems odd since they arn't messing with it anymore.

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:11:27 PM 12/22/17 »
need help the verification link just leads me to a blank page. i really want to play, pls help

I think it is working now

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 04:06:40 PM 12/07/17 »
 >:(  :applaud:

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 11:35:14 AM 12/07/17 »
Does that come with a "Happy Ending"  :chew:

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 05:19:47 PM 12/04/17 »
 :mindblown: :boo: :eye: :aww:
I mean that'd be super convenient tbh...but at what sick twisted cost  :bleed: :lookaround:

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 02:37:23 PM 11/29/17 »
 ::) it's not working. It just says "hahahahahah"   ;D

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 12:46:04 PM 11/29/17 »
I don't see that happening  -_-

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 09:09:37 AM 11/29/17 »
you can find cinder blocks at work sites at about 1/70 ap. You need 8 of them for 1 cement wall. They take 20 good hits to take down and don't stack in the inventory.

Thank you.  8)

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 08:51:09 AM 11/29/17 »
The item search / drop system in the game is terrible and needs to be reworked. But that would take way too much effort. :-\

Oh come on Mammon it's not like you're busy. lol ;D

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