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Looks like there isn't enough players to have a tournament this year.

Hell Rising / Re: Help! I'm New!
« on: 04:57:47 PM 12/17/16 »
Here is the wiki page, which should answer your questions.

I would like to congratulate Theta on her total victory in the 2016 tournament!  It ended up being as much of a endurance event as it was hide and seek.

I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the first annual There Can Be Only One tournament.  I look forward to next years tournament and hopefully next year will be bigger and better.

I would like to recognize Theta's win with an armband.  I was thinking it should say "Total Victory 2016" unless someone has a better suggestion.

I did not see this one coming.  I thought Animefan might have gone all the way..

We are now down to 2, so let's get it on!

Yep.....sorry Hiei.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:55:55 PM 11/19/16 »
Dear Mammon,

Hi! I'm back again with another thing!

Increase AP cost for climbing in and out of EHB barricades by 5. As it stands, barricades do little in the way of protection because you can just bypass them quite cheaply.


I would like to make make it impossible to use roof top run to get into ehb buildings.  If a human can get in through the roof then vampires should be able to fly up to the roof and enter too.

Also, we should be able to craft popcorn.

Hell Rising / Re: Future Tournament Ideas - Add As You Wish
« on: 05:25:39 PM 11/13/16 »
There are a lot of limitations on what can and can't be done, especially with little to no support from Mams and Mo.  To be fair to them it would require a lot of work for just a handful of players that would participate.  So having said that, I don't want to discourage anyone from running their own events.

The current tournament is running much better than I thought it would.  The players have really made this easy to do by following the spirit of the rules.  So the most important thing I've learned is to keep it fairly simple.  Second thing, limit the playing area if you want to keep the tournament time to a reasonable length.  Third, time it to run when there are people playing and no other events in progress.  The second annual There Can Be Only One tournament will probably be in April or May.

Ah, okay. Btw, what do you get if you win?

The satisfaction of total VICTORY

What more can one ask for.

Btw can i be a ref if i die?

Thanks for the offer of help, but I think Reap and I have a handle on it for now.

Honestly, things are running more smoothly than I thought they would.  I have a really good idea for the next tournament, but I'm going to keep it secret for now.

I was assassinated for knowing too much about the criminal aspects of the Clinton Foundation.  :behead:

What do referee kills do/ Anything

Ref kills are worthless.

You must log in every day during the tournament or you are out.  No going dormant to avoid the competition.  Going dormant includes logging in and being killed to intentionally keep from being found.  If this happens the referee may disqualify the player.

Being killed by an NPC or non player is a game hazard.  Per the rules you must log in at least once per day.  Part of that logging in is being active, which means standing up if you are dead.  Remaining dead to avoid detection is considered going dormant and is a disqualifing  action.  The occasional death from an NPC or non player is going to happen and as long as you make a good faith effort to stay "available" you are fine.

If you call out your position for a revive and are killed by a tournement player you are out and should be ashamed of yourself.

2017 Canceled due to lack of interest.

As of the first Saturday in December players may NOT hide in tunnels, quarantine zones or sub levels including sewers and Sparrow Island.  On the second Saturday of December the playing area will be reduced to East and West Underlook, Dobwood, and Preston only.  On the third Saturday it will be reduced to Dobwood only.

 ;DThe rules:
Final updated
Tournament starts November 5.  Midnight EDT to be specific.  Registration ends Midnight EDT October 31.


It's been a long time since we've tried to do a game wide event, but that needs to change.  We are still in the early stages of planning a tournament.  When, where and what have not been finalized yet. 

Here's what I have so far:

The basic premise will be a single elimination hide and seek.  Find the other players, kill them and eliminate them from play before they do the same to you.  To be clear if a tournament player kills you you are out.  Kills by non players, npcs, etc don't count.  In the end there will be only 1 total victor........there is no second place.

Some rules:

You may not use an alt or proxy to scout out tournament players.  However if a non tournament player rats out your location, too bad.  You should get a better hiding spot.

If you die as a result of bleeding, burning, infection etc inflicted by another player you are out, even if the death happens after you eliminate the inflictor.

Suicides will count as a death and you will be out of the game.

You must log in every day during the tournament or you are out.  No going dormant to avoid the competition.  Going dormant includes logging in and being killed to intentionally keep from being found.  If this happens the referee may disqualify the player.

If you are eliminated, you must not interfere with the remaining players or use an alt or proxy to interfere with the remaining players.

This is the thread where you will cut and paste your kill.  All kills must be posted to count.  Screen shots of the kill are acceptable!

Player- a registered member of the tourney.
proxy- guild/clan member or other you enlist to aid your victory.

I strongly recommend that you add all of the other players to your enemies list,that way their names will show in your cut and paste.

The Referees:
The Other Wanker
Don Durk

The players and their game IDs:

 :bleed:  The other wanker  Killed by Vanana

 D:  hiei229[/s]  DQ'd for missing check in.

 :bleed:  Xrun321 Killed by Theta

 D:  Animefan666[/s]  DQ`d for missing check in.

 ;D. Theta. Total Victory

 :bleed:  Don Durk  Killed by 8bit

 :bleed:  Vanana Voidshriek  killed by 8bit

 :bleed:  Slade Stryker  Killed by Xrun

 D:  Dysplasia  Disqualified for missing the daily check in requirement.

 :bleed:  Finn The Human.  Killed by Vanana

 :bleed:  Roly  Killed by Xrun

 :bleed:  Kenny Nathan Killed by Animefan

 :bleed:  8BitWarrior  Killed by Theta

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 07:55:08 PM 11/01/16 »
Perhaps you should add a finalized roster for the tournament in the original post?

You are good.  I haven't gotten to it yet, but there will be a new thread with a roster and we will use that to post your kill shots and copy pastas.

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 11:13:12 AM 11/01/16 »
what if you ally to avoid killing eachother, like a mutual agreement is that allowed or no

This idea grossly violates the intent of the tournament and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking of it.   :fencing:
You may not use proxies to aid in your game play.  Per the definitions: "proxy- guild/clan member or other you enlist to aid your victory".
After much consideration, I would have to say alliances of this sort are forbidden.

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