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Hell Rising / Re: 2022
« on: 11:22:29 AM 10/12/22 »
lol if u onlee knoo
Oh fuck mo is actually alive

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 10:38:38 AM 08/18/21 »
is Cat** First World?
As far as I am aware yes

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 07:11:52 PM 10/04/20 »
Look dude. If you are having trouble with it (not the coding but rather the running of the game) I'm fairly certain there are multiple of us in our discord who would be willing to pool money together to buy it from you fyi.

Anyways, just a thought.

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 11:12:26 PM 10/02/20 »
Yeah was wondering that to

I know one person was the winter soldier he was talking about it in chat.
Ill link him this topic

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 07:32:44 AM 03/23/19 »
Have newbies start with walkie talkies again.
I thought they were all just plauing without keyboarfs  :lookaround:

So I have decided to take it upon myself to make a new guide. All the previous ones were made a very long time ago, and either don't cover new features to the game, or talk about completely irrelevant and impossible situations (I.E the super guide says go to forts because there are a lot of people there if you are human, this is not the case and that guide is upwards to 10 years old if not more, as it was made by randomatic 3000, a group that has been defunct for a very long time.

Table of Contents:

1. Registration
1-1 For humans
1-2 for vampires
1-3 for zombies
2. Day one in hellrising - What to do and where to start
2-1 For humans
2-2 For vampires
2-3 For zombies
3. What are groups and why should I care about them
3-1 Joining a pre-existing group
3-2 Making my own grouo
4. What to do now that I have done all this?

1. Registration:
First off, you need to make a character. You get to name it whatever you want, fill out some fun Horrible capcha's and make a password. None of that is overly fun or complicated. (IMPORTANT: YOU NEED A VALID EMAIL TO SIGN UP TO THE GAME)
None of the above is overly interesting or important apart from the email validation, what's important,  is the the classes you can pick. Some are more useful than others. I will go over in detail below what classes are the ones you should definitely start as for each race and why

1-1 Human:  The classes I would advise starting are as follows (keep in mind, no matter what class you start as, all skills are available to you as you level up, so this is more how useful these classes are to keep you alive in the beginning

Highest tier:

Soldier: Soldiers are, basically the damage dealers out of the starter class. They start with an assault rifle, some ammo, a walkie talkie (all classes start with this). They are the highest damage dealing out of the bunch so if you are looking to go into the game fighting, this is your best bet. Police officer is a similar class but not as good, with inferior weaponry, so if you are looking to deal damage, go for this.

Vagrant:  Vagrants, in terms of starting items, are basically useless. They have a baseball bat as a weapon, which isn't all to useful compared to other weapons. However their starting skill allows them to search for items easier and faster than all other classes, allowing them to amass supplies quickly and efficiently. Also scavenging is a skill that needs to be purchased before getting the hiding skill, which is imperative to get as fast as possible, as it keeps you alive. Arguably I find the fact that you are able to get hide so much more quickly with this class much more useful than being able to deal damage.

Lower tier but viable:
Carpenter: Carpenters start with a sledgehammer, which is one of the better blunt weapons, but that's not why they are useful.  They are useful because they start off with the barricading skill. This can allow you to build barricades which is your first defense against the undead.  Now this sounds great but there is a downside to this. They aren't huge damage dealers in the beginning, and they have no alternate ways of gaining xp but to fight, which their weapon at the beginning they have no real training for, as thats a separate skill. You are better off going Vagrant and then learning hide to hide yourself inside buildings than using barricades, which is a red flag somebody is inside the building. I would only suggest going this class if you have some friends signing up with you. Then you could all pick different classes and work together, meaning you would hypothetically have a soldier class starter to do some damage if you guys get attacked, while the carpenter reinforces the barricades, docotr heals etc

Doctor: The doctor starts off with healing skills and items. Players gain xp from healing others. This sounds like a good class to build xp but the problm is most humans don't congregate in one place, making it hard to find people to heal and therefore gain xp quickly. Only viable if you are working together with friends and you can heal them

Scientist: Scientists start off being able to revive other players who have turned into vampires and zombies. They gain xp for doing so. This is a very useful ability but not one I would want to start with. They start with little to no way of defending themselves, plus seeing as there is no major place that humans congregate, you will be forced to look for players needing revives, which wastes AP and time since the map is quite large.

1-2 Vampires

High tier:
Feeder: Feeders allow you to do more damage with your fang attacks, which is obviously useful.

Beast: Same concept as above but with claw attacks.

Lower but still viable:
Carrier: This one allows you to turn people you kill with fangs into vampires, whether they be human or zombie. This I find is only useful if you have a group of new player vampires with you and one of them gets revived and becomes a zombie or something, then you can kill them and turn them back.

1-3  Zombies

High tier

Early Victim: Gives ore accuracy with hand attacks. This allows you to gain xp in a quicker manner

low tier:
Mangled Victim: This gives you an ability to choose to stand up as a zombie or human if somebody revives you. This is very useful as then you can just get back up and keep attacking people without having to go to a tall building and jumping off to become a zombie again, which costs way more AP to do. However if using AP doesn't bother you then its not so much a big issue

2- Day one in hell rising:  So, now that you have created your character, you log in. You will find yourself already on the map, already vulnerable. This will be confusing. You will see  lots of things nearby you on the movement map like zombies, humans, creatures etc. Ignore all that for now. Most of them will likely be NPC characters and they are currently enemy number 1 for you. As they walk around if they encounter a player they will attack them, until they have killed them or the player kills them (unless they are a npc friendly to your race, they will appear as green, ones that aren't, name appears in red) What you should do is get inside of a building and plan out what you want to do based on my instructions below for each race. Maybe even close the door temporarily of the building you are in as npcs can enter buildings, If you idle outside you will be killed.


A few important things to note before we continue. Under the movement map you will see a lot of info. For one your inventory and items you have equipped are all there. That's not to important as its easy to figure out. What is important is HP/XP/AP. Obviously, Hp are health points, they represent how much health you have, like any other rpg. XP is experience points, again another staple of rpgs. Once you accumulate enough of it (50 xp for first level) you can click on the skills tab at the top of the website to buy skills with it. AP are action points. Everything you do in hellrising (save for dropping items) uses AP. It replenishes at a rate of 4 per 5 minutes. So keep in mind to plan out your actions or you could get stranded outside in the open. Once you have made yourself safe, look at the map to situate where you are and where you want to go. is the link to the map
IMPORTANT: Keep in mind when you log out, your character is still there and vulnerable, it does not log out with you, so be sure to find a safe place to log out, hence why the hide ability is handy. ALSO do not be bothered by death. You will die a lot in this game no matter if you are new or not, just when you are new you will die more and quicker. You can always be revived or turned back into a vampire or zombie

2-1- Humans: So once you have gotten yourself into a building and thought up what you want to do. You have two jobs at a lower level. Collect supplies and gain XP to buy skills. Gaining XP is easy enough,. You attack anything other than humans (killing other humans gains you no xp), healing, or reviving. Another method is going into a library, searching for books and reading them. You get a minute amount of xp when you do this. This could be a viable option for vagrants. However in most cases you will need supplies in order to gain xp (Ammo, guns, medkits, also stuff like armor for protection) A good one stop shop for most items is the military fort in Peston. Coordinates 516, 498. It has basically almost all the items you need. GPS units, Military helmets, Shotguns and Assault rifles along with the ammo that goes with them, and medkits and antibiotics. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU LOG OUT HERE. The fort is targeted by undead players, plus the NPC's roaming around are of a higher caliber than the ones elsewhere, basically just search for supplies and hightail it out of there to whereever you are staying. Alternatively, you can find most of the other armors and items in Police stations, fire stations, Healing items items in hospitals, guns in gunshops. Kevlar vests in morgues according to the wiki. GPS can be found in electronics stores, along with a slew of other neat stuff.
Once you feel you have enough supplies, I suggest heading out and killing NPC's. I suggest npc's since many actual players are much higher level than you and will likely eviscerate you on the spot. It is possible to win against them at a low level but I don't suggest it unless they attack you first. Find npc's that end with the word wretch (vampire wretch, zombie wretch etc) they tend to be the weakest. Once you have 50 xp I suggest going for the hide skill, or its prerequisite skill scavenging so you can get hide.  When you are low on ap or logging out, at least get yourself indoors. If you have the hide ability thenuse it when you are inside. If not, if you can barricade I suggest doing that, if you cant do that simply closing the door of the building can sometimes help. Always have a safe place in mind to go back to when logging out. Always plan three steps ahead of your moves you make. Rinse and repeat this stuff for now as you gain xp. I will continue in section 4 as to what skills are important. Important, if you have died head to redemption street (516,499) as its the designated revival point

2-2  vampires: Again you are going to want to get of the street into a building. Npc's will try to kill you and if you find yourself killed by a zombie npc, well, you turn into a zombie, and if you don't have a carrier friend handy or a higher level vamp handy, that's not going to be fun getting vamped. This will likely inevitably happen though, and if you don't have anybody to turn you back, I suggest trying to attack vampire npc's until they kill you, as they can turn you back into a vampire if they kill you. So, anyways , as a vampire you aren't going to need to collect guns and ammo, so a lot less prep work than humans. I still suggest stopping by a electronics store and grabbing a GPS unit. It just makes it easier to navigate the map, while your there if you pick up a cellphone, keep that to (more on these later). Also stop by a hardware store and grab a melee weapon Preferably a sledgehammer as they are good for breaking barricades, Last but not least youll want some healing items. Stop by a hospital and pick up some bags of blood and human hearts. Important to note that these heal you if a zombie manages to infect you. Otherwise in terms of weapons, you have claws and fangs, those will be stronger than anything you can pick up weaponwise, and I would only use your choice of blunt weapon to break barricades, not kill people.   Now, I would get on killing npc's to gain xp, Id suggest human npc's to avoid getting turned into a zombie until you are a higher level. Agin 50 xp is needed to buy your first skill. I'd aim for skills that make your attacks stronger/gain more accuracy, or cursed blood (allows you to choose to stand up as a vampire if you are revived). That's really it for day 1. I will explain in more detail skills in part 4. Like humans, when logging out find a safe spot to log out for the night, don't idle in the street. I suggest getting the vampire equivalent of hiding, rafter hang, that allows you to hide in darkened buildings. Alternatively, you could have your character commit suicide off of a tall building, at least stopping the possibility of being turned into a zombie (you can still be revived into a human though).. Oh one more thing. Should you kill a actual player, don't idle next to their corpse. They can easily get up after death and try to pk you or worse, if your not a carrier, they will just be turned into a zombie, should they get up and kill you and have the infection ability, they can turn you into a zombie. I only mention this because well, I uhh might have done it to a newbie who killed me yesterday. So unless you got a reason to stay there, just get outta there.

2-3 Zombies  - Zombies are probably one of the harder classes to play as but still I like them a lot. So as with both other races, youll want to keep off the street to avoid npc's unless you plan on killing them.  Again stop at a Electronics store for a gps unit, a hardware store for a sledgehammer, and then hospital for some human hearts. Alternatively you can get embalming fluids from funeral homes which will heal the bleeding status effect. Roadkill in streets and dead rats from cornfields will also heal you, but not as well. So once you got all that, I suggest going out killing some npc's. Avoid vampire npc's, as they can turn you into a vampire, stick to human ones. again 50 xp buys you your first skill, id aim to get something to increase the accuracy of your hands or bite, or there is the intellect skill that allows you to do stuff like open doors (Ive seen newbie zombies get locked into buildings because somebody shut the door on them and they couldn't get out). Again at the end of the day or when logging out try to find somewhere safe and not in the street to log out, or get the drop dead skill that allows you to pretend to be a corpse. Lastly you can commit suicide off of a large building, effectively making it impossible for a vampire to turn and kill you. Also if you kill another player do not idle next to their corpse, hightail it out of there, if they are active they will get back up and then it will turn into a live fight, and at lvl 1-5 vs a level 74 player who is actually active, it won't end well for you unless you get lucky.

3- Groups: Okay so now you got day 1 done or still on day one, you have 3 choices.

Do you want to be a solo player?

Do you want to join a group?

Do you want to make a group?

Solo players are just that, they play solo, they have no help to call from other players, nobody to talk to apart from on the 27.0 radio channel and even then a lot of that is just inane random chatter a lot of the time. Also on that note never say your location in the 27.0 chat, somebody will come to kill you regardless of race. I would go as far to say don't even say your location in the discord. Anyways, as a solo player, if you are human, its very hard to make a base of operations (not that I would suggest doing that right now), so always be on the move. As vampires and zombies its somewhat more viable. Most of the time you are just travelling the map, wreaking havoc anyways, there are still however benefits to joining groups for all races

Joining an existing group: In order to do this, go to the group list at the top of the website, look through and apply to one that strikes your fancy. What praytell, though would you gain from doing this? One once you have joined, the walkie talkie really begins to shine, as it gives you a group chat. This costs no ap to use unlike 27.o, so say hello to your new friends, also only your group can see, so you can say mean things about other players and nobody will be the wiser except your group. This also gives you access to group storage at 517,515. This is a place where your group can store items and anybody in the group can take some out comes in handy. Lastly, do you need a revive? Have you been turned into a vampire from a zombie or vice versa? you can ask in group chat for your allies to help you.

Making a group: Okay say none of the groups strike your fancy and you still want to be in one and have 4 or 5 friends already playing with you or planning to play? If you click my group without being in one, it allows you to create your own group. They have customization for ranks, and privileges for them, Apart from that though you get the same benefits as joining an existing group minus the already established group, meaning you'll have to fill up your own group storage.
Otherwise of you have friends this might be a good route to take.

4- Where to go from here

So in this section im gonna outline just a few highlights and important things.

Important buildings:
Power Plant:  491, 508  The power plant powers the whole city grid with power. When the lights are on, search rates for humans and accuracy go up, so its best for humans to keep it on. This also means vampires and zombies tend to want it shut off. I would avoid this place like the plague at a low level, as generally its a war zone that has human players trying to turn the power back on and barricade the building and vampires and zombies trying to stop them. The fighting isn't constant, but generally there will be a vampire or zombie or two there looking to catch somebody unawares. Unless you plan on fighting and really don't care what race you are playing as, leave turning the power on or off to higher level players.

Lazarix buildings: This is where you can get revival serum to revive people. Simple really.

The fort: 516:498   Simply the best place to get supplies as a human, as discussed earlier do no sleep there, many vamps and zombies target the place, but quick supply runs should be okay

Wincross PD: 509, 512  One would think, why kraufen is a random police station important, they are all over the place. This particular one has access to a secret building from the inside, which is a prison on an island. The supplies in the prison are decent

Martin hospital: 503, 503  This one is similar to above, it has access to a secret area from the inside, which is the quarantine zone. This are however is like a boss lair, complete with a boss. I adv doing raids here to gain xp and unique drops from the boss, there are a few other places like this strewn across the map but this one is the easiest.

Thats it for buildings

We also have events in holidays, which give you unique npc's to kill, which drop special items and weapons. The most exciting is halloween with the boogeyman (drops the best armor in the game) and krampus during christmas (more unique items and weapons). These boses have a ton of hp so many players have to team up to kill them, effectively making a truce between the groups a lot of the time. Just something to look forward to

In terms of useful skills and items to go for, I was going to do it myself but this older guide covers that stuff pretty concisely so read that's-newbie-guide/

Albeit one thing that guide doesn't cover is crafting, which is a human skill.  here are the known recipes
This allows you to modify existing items into new ones. One important thing you can make are fences, fences allow humans to cordon off sections of the map forcing undead to break the fence. Electric fence is particularly useful as it also damages the vampires or zombies attacking it. Obviously incredibly useful when defending a base, but also a giant red flag somebody is there. I highly recommend building 3 or 4 false bases near yours to cause the enemy to waste ap, maybe even trap them with landmines or other traps

One last blurb for humans. With the playerbase as it is right now, I wouldn't group up in one spot, there will never be somebody always online to keep you safe, if everbody is offline and undead attack, you become sitting ducks and a buffet. I suggest instead logging in once every few hours and moving neighborhoods after doing what you set out to do, and don't keep your movements to predictable. Maybe once there are more human groups we can work together to make a safe haven or multiple ones but thats for another day

Anyways, this is done for now. I might build

And that

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:32:16 AM 02/25/19 »
I still think a smaller map would  be benificial  :lookaround:

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:21:35 PM 01/22/19 »
A new smaller map would be good as another reboot tbh

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:38:05 AM 05/24/18 »
It finally happened. RIP HR.

You mean the second time it happened?

Also its been fun I guess. A huge part of my teenage years are gonna just go bye bye :(

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 09:05:34 AM 02/22/17 »
Just started playing this after years of Urban Dead. I'm loving it so far, any groups holding it down somewhere that need an extra hand?
While we currently don't have a base of operations (attempting to grow the active membership again before attempting a actual base, since it takes people on at all times of the day to keep one safe) death squad will eventually have one. Feel free to apply.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 09:56:44 AM 02/21/17 »
WB Ooorah!

Hell Rising / Re: Stuck in Twilight City
« on: 03:40:44 PM 02/14/17 »
I know this happened to jesusowns and they transferred him

I can't believe im still alive. I am rarely on cuz of school. But I am still in this i guess XD
I'm in the same boat I hardly have time to log in

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