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Whoever gets the highest number of upvotes gets the much-coveted spot of SCP-2000. Everyone else with votes in the positives gets to pick any number after that. Not a bad deal for everyone. Right now I only see one downvoted entry (the "Sit back and enjoy the music" entry, which I have not read yet). Some of these look really good based on brief glances, I may offer some thoughts on these when I'm done reading them. IN THE MEANTIME, check them out yourself and let everyone here know what you think!

General Discussion / Pasta in haiku form!
« on: 01:29:27 AM 10/22/13 »
Let's try this out, I'll start off with the most overdone subject in all of pastory (that's "pasta" + "history" in portmanteau, geddit GEDDIT):

Lavender Town theme
Played backwards as a child dies
Pikachu's eyes bleed

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