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General Discussion / Star Wars reviews
« on: 03:05:53 AM 08/26/14 »
They're fucking great.
Everyone here needs to watch them.
There's like 250 minutes of the starwars prequels getting critically torn apart.
I rewatch them like once every couple months.

General Discussion / Afflicted
« on: 06:39:08 AM 08/24/14 »
Anyone else seen this?
Favorite horror this year.

If you liked Chronicle, you might like this too.

General Discussion / Ferguson
« on: 05:55:32 PM 08/19/14 »
I guess there's no politics board anymore.

How about this shit happening in Ferguson, Americans?
What the hell?
This particular tweet was really chilling

For the lazy:
A few people have pointed it out, but our ROE regarding who we could point weapons at in Afghanistan was more restrictive than cops in MO.

The Slime Pit / Recent additions
« on: 04:27:57 PM 08/03/14 »
Recent additions shows the most recently posted on stories, not the most recently added.
I think it's because you changed the story board to have most recently replied to at the top, like I asked about.

Sorry it broke your site :-[

General Discussion / Christmas Season
« on: 03:52:48 PM 12/23/13 »
I don't so much get into carols, but there's one thing I listen to religiously every christmas.


Also You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch and Santa Baby are festive season favorites.

How about you folks?

General Discussion / Old screenshots
« on: 05:51:20 AM 12/13/13 »
Clearing out my 2gig picture folder of everything stupid and old when I came across some old scrreens hots.

poast em if you got em
I gotta bunch of johnrain too? Was that an alt of mine doe't anybody remember?

Hell Rising / The Races
« on: 05:04:42 AM 12/05/13 »
So I've been thinking that classes aren't so much unbalanced, as uncoordinated.
What I propose here is sweeping, extreme change. Things that would take a fair amount of work, so I don't expect all of it to be implemented. But I'd like to start some discussion on what the classes should actually DO, and maybe take a few baby steps towards that goal. These suggestions are based around the idea of encouraging and rewarding more frequent play and giving players objectives to work towards other than killing everyone they see.

  • Should be focused on their item use aspect and fort building. A RADICAL change I would only being able to have one stack of a given item, so that you're needing to search often. So humans would have periods of strength and vulnerability.
  • Melee and Guns need to have a clear divide. Machetes are as strong (stronger?) than pistols. I think maybe keeping damage where it's at but bumping up accuracy would be the way to go.
  • Disposable items. Things like kevlar vests should only be usable by humans. Vampires and zombies can wear them, but maybe they get no benefit from it. But they should wear out. I don't know what a reasonable number is, but maybe they absorb 200pts of damage before you have to find another one. Again emphasize that period of strength and weakness. Humans are reliant on light too. Disposable flashlights or maybe roadflares or something. Items that provide light for a certain amount of ticks. It could be done with a flashlight item that requires batteries that drain with every action you take too I guess, but I like the disposable option better.
  • Humans should get strength in numbers bonuses for defending barricaded buildings. Maybe a skill like "Helping Hand" where you get bonuses to barricade with every other human in that spot. Or something passive like a de-bonus to enemies attacking the barricade from the outside with every human inside.
  • I'd like to suggest food requirements, but I can't think of any way other than it being completely nonthreatening or cripplingly oppressive. If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment on this webzone.

  • Vampires are the antithesis of  lumen loving humans. Instead of just being able to hide in the dark, give them bonuses to fighting in the dark. Let them take out the substation first to blanket the suburb in darkness before descending as a horde on the rest of the area and destroying everything. Might also add some interesting gameplay "[Group]: There's like 15 vampires right outside the substation, everyone get ready for an attack!" I dunno.
  • I propose a radical change to the way bloodthirst works. Instead of it being based on kills, have it be based on hunger. You can fill up on blood upto some sort of cap which drains every XX ap ticks. Being full increases you strength and gives you a regenerative healing factor but fang attacks no longer straight up heal you. To curb a constant cycle of over powered vamps, I'd suggest that fangs don't get a damage bonus from bloodthirst, and that they exist solely to fill yourself and hopefully that would mitigate it to a degree. And of course blood bags.
  • Get rid of the xray vision and give them something akin to zombie smell rot, where they can sense the number of prey in an area but not their locations.
  • I had ideas like disguising yourself as a human, similar to hiding as a corpse as a zombie, but again I have no idea how it would be any better than rafter hang.
  • I really don't know about vampires as I haven't been vamped in a million years and would welcome suggestions.

  • Zombies are the race I play as most and I absolutely love them. They don't really have anything to do with darkness and light so the whole power aspect doesn't really suit them. But remember the behind the events page and thinking about nexus war's claiming a zone by desecrating or sanctifying it I thought why not some sort of creep spread mechanic?
  • Zombies can spew up nutrient rich vomit to encourage fungal growth as will corpses produced by infectious zombies. The infestation can spread from tile to tile unaided, albeit slowly. Non-zombies take damage or catch infection or suffer debuffs from being in infested tiles, with bigger damage/debuffs from more heavily infested tiles.
  • Flame seems like the obvious answer to fungal infestations, but fungus dies off if not fed too, so I like the idea of zombies having to tend to their fungal garden by patrolling around spewing all over the damn place.
  • Maybe infested tiles could offer buffs too, but I don't know if it's entirely necessary. I'd just like for zombies to have a "base" instead of just being able to drop wherever they please and never being found.
  • In line with the fungal aspect and hopefully to make zombie hiding less invincible, humans should have the option to revive hiding zombie corpses. Instead of reviving them they get infected in a cloud of spores and waste a serum. This may seem like a detriment, but it means humans can find hiding zombies by virtue of there being a revive option over candidate corpses. Just like a barricade is a possible indication of hiding humans, you can waste some AP and possibly find a human just like you waste some AP having to find the serum and medikit needed to cure yourself. Might be too overpowered unless the chance to find hiding zombies were lower though, as you'd only need to search once for every revivable corpse.

This isn't a comprehensive list, but I'd like to hear thoughts on where the races should really go.

General Discussion / PMs
« on: 12:18:02 AM 12/05/13 »
Why can we only hold 40 of them?
That is entirely too few.

Hell Rising / Quite Contrary is recruiting
« on: 03:51:28 AM 12/02/13 »
Quite Contrary
I'm aiming to set up a ragtag bunch of misfits willing to organise and work together for zombie domination of Serling. Zomination!
But especially to attempt to disrupt and destroy the operations of certain human groups that barricade everything and hide their delicious brainmeats inside.
Zombies preferred, Vampires please use service entrance in the back. :bruised:

Feel free to apply or post your profile here.

Hell Rising / AP and HP values
« on: 04:09:41 AM 12/01/13 »
I don't think it's any secret that I think (know) it would be for the better if they were equalised between races.
More so now after recent changes to both AP regen rate and the cost to standing.
So I've finally gotten around to listing the reason.

  • With the AP regen rate increase you hit the cap faster. Sure you could play twice as often, but that's not a luxury afforded to all. And it's been stated before that the game was always intended as a casual BBG.
  • Playing after waking up or getting back from work or any other extended break, humans and vampires have more AP to spend. Say a human and zombie player both only logged in once a day for a week. At the end that human player has had 140 extra AP to use. That's significant, and the amount increases if they log in twice or three times a day. 
  • The cost to stand is, by a fraction of your max AP, higher for zombies and vampires than humans. With the increase the cost is significant. Especially if you wake up dead.
  • HP is not worth as much as AP. It's CERTAINLY not worth a 1:1 ratio. It doesn't regenerate so you have to spend AP to even make use of having a higher pool. In the only situation where having higher HP might be useful is an active battle, and there it's more likely that AP or ammo would be far more useful.
  • When an enemy can strip you of 10-20HP with a single attack, a single AP, it becomes clear just how useless it is.
  • And furthermore, it's even a bonus to the enemy. They receive bonus XP for killing you.

Sure, some things would need rebalancing. But I feel the game would be best if the simplest and most important attributes were equal and then the game was balanced around that rather than trying to balanced the game around something that is fundamentally unequal.

Either that or the whole class system needs to be reworked. Like zombies being heavy hitters that can't move as far, and humans being actually reliant on items instead of being actually pretty powerful with a nightstick or machete.

I mean vampires and zombies are practically the same class except one can see through walls and one can hide all over the place.

Edit: Forgot to make it a poll.


back on overlord they didn't use to look like shit like this

General Discussion / Halloween movie marathon!
« on: 06:28:43 PM 10/31/13 »
What are you spooks watching?

I watched the conjuring last night because I live in the future and it was halloween yesterday for me.
Really fucking scary, an didn't rely toooo much on jump scares. Some things were legitimately scary, which I won't give away.

Based on a true story too.

General Discussion / I hate stupid kids in movies
« on: 05:32:19 AM 10/29/13 »
I seriously hate them. If it's an action, horror, or thriller movie there should be no goddamn kids, or they should be killed off early on.

Especially horror, where all tension is lost and I only feel annoyance when the stupid kid screams or lets the killer into the house or reads from the forbidden cursed book and dooms everyone else.

I watched The Purge tonight (which is a pretty butt retarded movie in it's own right), but holy shit, *SPOILERED IN CASE YOU CAN'T GUESS WHAT I'M GONNA RANT ABOUT FROM THE SUBJECT OF THE THREAD* The stupid, idiot, retarded, mongoloid, downs syndrome, pea-brained, moronic, ignorant, dense, slow-witted, brain-dead kid opens the doors for a suspicious dude on a night when all crimes up to an including MURDER are legal for 12 hours. FUCK. And they're all like "Don't get angry, he didn't know what he was doing" and that just pisses me off even more.

Kids in general are terrible actors too, so they're bad in dramas too.

Hell Rising / Bug Reports
« on: 10:28:52 PM 10/11/13 »
There's no bug report board anymore?

Zombies are only getting 2hp per successful grim feast.
You gnaw on a vampire with your Teeth for 8 damage to the gut and regaining 2 HP.
You gnaw on a vampire with your Teeth for 7 damage to the gut and regaining 2 HP.

Supposed to be 3. My thoughts is that supernatural durability is affecting it.

Hell Rising / Suggestions
« on: 05:38:22 AM 10/11/13 »
Here I shall lay out a humble list of humble suggestions humbly.
Feel free to pick them apart, because they probably aren't well thought out or unbiased or even good.

  • Start new players with walkie talkies or something, so the game doesn't seem so dead from the outset and they stick around
  • Quick drop for items, the dropdown list is really annoying. Something with [wear] or the up and down arrows
  • Freetalk. I dunno, it'd be nice if the game was more social. Groupchat is free, but segregating the userbase into groups that can freetalk among themselves is a bit boring. Implement something to make resistant to abuse. TP, like BP from scrollwars? Spam timers? I dunno
  • Better search filtering would be great too

  • Spraying graffiti, building barricades don't give XP while destroying it and destroying them do.
  • Standard HP & AP values between races. AP is more valuable than HP for one, and skills differentiate the races enough as it is.
  • Supernatural Senses. Just change it. I don't think it should be removed, but almost everything else relies on chances, while supernatural senses is 100% chance to see inside a building. It's crazy overpowered. Either make it an activatable skill, detecting how many life presences are in the surrounding 9 squares, or give it a chance to not detect. "You sense 1 presence inside" then entering and searching "It was just a rat". I dunno, but I really think it needs a change.
  • Cursed Blood and Cellular Degeneration are super stupid. They have no downside. Make it cost more to rise as preferred race or something. Maybe it fails sometimes? Is lazarix watering down their serums? Are they that easy to shrug off?
  • You don't get XP from infection damage as a zombie. IIRC correctly you also don't get kill added to your kill counter. It would be nice to get some confirmation of kills if an enemy falls to your infection too.
  • Sledgehammers make barricades a bit too easy for undead to destroy. Also the hit percentages against barricades aren't equal to those in the drop down attack weapon list but that's a different story.
  • What's the point of Dine Out?

  • Group bases. Though it makes more sense for humans. Being able to erect walls and wall off areas of the map. Especially if it required group coordination to destroy or create/maintain walled off regions. Plus it would provide some sort of endgame other than "kill each other a lot"
  • Werewolf race lol
  • Skeleton race

  • More different building types. Like how the gas station and hotel have their own sprites. Everything else is just differently coloured square bricks with two windows and a door.
  • Speaking of, buildings have windows. It would be cool for buildings with power to have light streaming out of them on the map. Just a nice little visual cue.
  • Different weather types. I get it, rain reflects the dreary, dismal existence of life in the zombie vampire apocalypse. Fog or mist can be spooky too. Why not some hail or sleet? Thunder rumbling overhead?
  • The ability to respec
  • The ability to see your skills in other races/buy them
  • An item vault so I can store all this holiday shit that I don't want to just throw away
  • I want to be able to jump from a building and kill people standing below with my corpse. I'm actually going to double check this DOESN'T happen, because it totally sounds like something you might've added with the MORTALITY! update.

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