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General Discussion / Conplus by Dr. Killjoy
« on: 08:41:13 AM 10/31/17 »
This story is brilliant. I can't believe the amount of bullshit this recieved from that Mutahar or however you spell his name. I don't think he really gets subtlety... Anyway this is seriously one of the best gaming creepypasta's in a sea of terrible haunted gaming stories! It has a very slow build up but by the end the story the writer has created a really eerie and unsettling vibe surrounding the game. The whole story is so mysterious and I love how much ominous imagery the writer employs with some of the harder games towards the end. It's a really interesting read and I love that it's based on a fictional game rather than one we all know already. It's just great! Dr. Killjoy if you ever read this, don't listen to that idiot Mutahar...

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