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General Discussion / Marble Hornets
« on: 08:49:37 PM 11/07/17 »
We've all heard of Slenderman, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows why he's so famous.
You've got the Marble Hornets team to thank, actually.
Are there any fans out there other than myself? I mean, this is a creepypasta-like-forum so...

General Discussion / Gravity Falls?
« on: 10:14:22 PM 10/22/17 »
I'm Audrey.
I'm new to this place.
I've always been into that TV series, Gravity Falls, because it seemed a good way to introduce the concept of supernatural stuff to kids who were way too young to see horror movies.
I recall that the first few episodes were the best, but then it seemed to wane off after a while. I was hoping that they would follow the X-files more, but they went and made it more like the rest of Disney's cartoon's in order to attract a bigger audience.

Ever since it ended, I kinda felt empty so I started writing stories about it. It felt wrong though, so instead of writing fanfictions I started writing about the real life stuff that happened to me.

Somehow, it became a really scary story.

People said it should be on creepypasta.

I haven't finished it yet, should I post it here when I'm done?

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