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Hell Rising / Krampus Drops...
« on: 10:25:01 AM 12/08/15 »
Has anyone else had any drops from Krampus? I managed to take him out once and received 5 "Defective Toys" that you are able to set up in a building, but I've yet to find what it's intended purpose is. Anyone else get any fun stuff?

General Discussion / Hypothetical Super Band...
« on: 02:24:10 PM 11/13/15 »
Let's play a game called Hypothetical Super Band.

Rules are simple, you add someone to the band. They have to be in the band doing something musically they actually do in real life. Copy and paste the list into your response. Let's try to keep it to 3 guitars though. Be creative. Other categories, as seen below, are acceptable, but let's not run off the rails too soon here. :bleed:

I'll start.

Tom Waits - Backup vocals / wild hollering, banging on metal with hammers.

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