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General Discussion / A little computer question
« on: 08:52:19 PM 10/04/14 »
I need a free and reliable antivirus/antispyware program. Do any of you know of one that you could recommend to me?

Hell Rising / Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 09:37:22 PM 06/19/14 »
I didn't see this anywhere else on the forum, and I thought it would be useful to make a thread for people who want to pose questions and get answers from more seasoned players.

Since I've just started playing the new version of HR and am completely lost, I need to know one thing: what are the coordinates for the Fort Boilings Entrance?

General Discussion / Ovlord chat
« on: 10:06:05 AM 08/18/11 »
Ovlord done gone away. I hope it comes back soon.
Also: spambot classes taught every Friday by Mr Reserve (sorry, Mo. I don't volunteer Saturdays).

General Discussion / Introduce yourself
« on: 05:22:28 AM 08/09/11 »
I'm Michael. I like playing volleyball in the rain, talking to assorted nutjobs on the internet, taking bus rides around town, watching sunsets while drunk, and visiting playgrounds with my soon-to-be-six-year-old niece.

Tell me your name and a tad about yourself.

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