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Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 10:57:36 PM 01/27/14 »
The truth is there was a Jungle Book theme park, but, unfortunately it the greatest epic fail theme park in disney history within a couple months before it's opening it was such money pit that disney decide that it was more cost effect to shut it down, scrape it and use the land for storage. Rumor has it the exec in charge of this jungle book theme park project kill himself in his office at the park. The reason disney is trying keep it secret because they are worried about losing investors. Ironically Chris your story has an unknown corn-nel' of truth.

Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 12:17:07 AM 11/23/13 »
I got something even more messed up. I was on another investigation into a haunted abandon theme park. It was a christian religious based theme park, that after it was shutdown back in the 60' was maintain by a group of nuns until the mid 80's when the last died. It has being abandon since, strangely other investigators have seen vanishing nuns on the property since. The rest of the story is to crazy to post.

Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 02:22:54 PM 11/02/13 »
Do to an unfortunate course of events I have been forced to back off the investigation. And for reason I can not state, I am can not post my findings.

On a side note the Disney Corp. is a wonderful organization that has done many positive things, and is a true symbol of moral values.


Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 07:30:58 AM 08/11/13 »
I have been investigating this situation further, because of shocking discoveries. Your little joke Chris has triggered a conspiracy. Back in the late 90's and early 00' Disney show previews of a jungle book or Flintstones theme opening up in early 00' date. The theme park was going to be not in Disney world in fact it would be a new locate. Then the theme park just disappeared of the face of the earth. I have been digging and digging but, I have not found much. I found out that Disney built a theme park in china then abandoned before it open.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 12:15:56 AM 02/23/13 »
I know by all as the Meatwadjm or the "meat" for short. I'm currently starting a gaming company so I produce a lot stuff that I am compelled to create. 

Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 01:22:28 AM 01/25/13 »
This was a rather creepy, Mo. And yet not very shocking after all, we are talking about Disney playing god. It's Disney they play god all the time. You know the reason they shutdown Discovery Island, somebody at Disney was trying to bring back extinct animals like the dodo. So, if stuff was done at M.'s Palace was really evil then it shouldn't be a shock. By the way Mo, that river road section that is closed off, it's Haunted that is why Disney is covering it up. I think the activity is spreading, and their attempts to cover it up are failing.

Slimy Stories / Re: funnymouth
« on: 12:38:14 AM 01/25/13 »
No, it's not an illusion it's programmed to create a face. When you have had contact with scary stuff like I have in real life, you don't get scared easily by internet trolls. Point in case watch out for the woman that comes from the sky. I don't need say anymore about that.

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