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Well shoot, and i never got my character to 99, even after all those years.  And im sad to see the game go, met some awesome people thru there that's for sure.  While yes, some game designs were to blame for the death of the game, i think the lowering number of people interested in such a game is another big one.  Look at Urban Dead (the game that linked me to scroll wars) even that is limping a long now.  And if others found the game thru UD as i did, the sharp decline in numbers for UD could also contribute to less people finding SWs.

But alas, i will miss this game, when it was at its height id had some real fun, mostly when i ran with HaVoK.  To share a memory real quick.... there was another guild that we were waring with.  SO, we set up base right next to theirs and for a week or two had little skirmishes all around the area.  Then one night we planned a big raid, busted down their barriers and slaughtered so so many of them as they slept.  Wish i still had a screen shot of it.  So for that, thanks Mo, its been fun.

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