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on: 04:39:45 PM 08/29/14
Here you will find one of the reasons I "quit comics". (Aside from the fact that it is difficult to locate hard-working and honest people in the profession.)

Project Breakthrough!

Launched in 2012, this was an initiative I created for the purpose of spawning an entirely new comic book universe of super-heroic characters and dastardly villains. The idea was that myself and a few members from a specific forum would envision and then work with this new universe, allowing readers to get in on the ground floor of what was theoretically a Marvel or DC sized "world" of characters.

Then it died.

Initially, I wanted people to be able to create their own characters that we could all inter-weave. People immediately feared legal/owneship issues even though I remarked that we could have contracts drawn up to solve the problems.

Instead, it was decided that one person should have the "keys to the kingdom" and create the properties in-house. Since I started the project in the first place, the task fell to me.

I set about trying to come up with interesting characters and new ideas that we could all use and enjoy.

- Phobiac, a one-man spoof/homage to all comedic characters such as Deadpool, Ambush Bug, et al. Not one for subtlety, he carries a gun that actually shoots people's fears at them.

- Mothman, a veteran with flashes of future events and has to figure out if they're real, or are related to his PTSD.

- 'Roid, a love letter to every Sci-Fi slugger and creepy otherworldly monster story out there.

- Inchworm, a sidekick who has to solve their mentor's murder before the city's villains eat her for lunch.

- Top Secrets, a foursome of heroes brought together by a villain and forced to do his bidding under the guise of a new, fake super-team. Each one has a secret too horrible to reveal, making them prime blackmail material.

And so on...

You can check out the short scripts for Phobiac and 'Roid here:

Phobiac: Boxful of Badguys
'Roid: Welcome to the Pleasure Cube

Unfortunately, early on a single troll was allowed to plague the entire project. Since this was handled on the forum I previously mentioned, anyone could reply with their thoughts and ideas. This was great for the most part, except for the one fellow who repeatedly and spammishly filled the thread with bile and hatred.

"We don't need a new comic universe" and all that, coupled with "You're a thief" because the project would supposedly be posted on Kickstarter when we had enough material completed.

The asshole responded to pretty much everybody who dared post.

The Mods refused to do anything about the fellow, and eventually he was one of the only people even responding in the thread.

Another big hitch was that nobody did any work, save for myself, two fellows who turned in cool short scripts, and Ardo DelToro, a great artist who agreed to do some character art.

There was nobody to illustrate any of the stories, even though folks had volunteered. That's kind of important. Of course, note that "volunteer" means asking whatever they wanted from the Kickstarter total.

Well, as with most of my fails, at least some interesting stuff is available to look at...

Plus, I did a crap ton of logos for every possible title...


Oh, well.
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