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on: 12:11:35 AM 09/12/13
During my "Let's Make a Cartoon!" phase, I attempted to get several animated projects rolling. This one came toward the end, when I fully realized that no one was going to come aboard and actually work on pitches. :)

Still, it remains one of my favorite concepts. Not just cartoon concepts, but out of all my ideas...

Choke Hazard & the Shootforce!

This started when I was thinking about the routine set-up of cartoon families. Stupid husband, Hot wife, Out-of-place daughter, Loserish son, Mean little one, Talking animal.

"Choke Hazard & the Shootforce" centers on a mish-mash of every 80s cartoon world you can imagine. Soldiers, aliens, fantasy worlds, et al. (And since a lot of cartoons sold toy lines, there are toy influences as well.)

The main character is Choke Hazard, a "90s Awesome" Sergeant who leads a group of similar warriors called the Shootforce. He answers only to the enigmatic, always-angry giant holographic head that appears in the center of headquarters, President Royd Raygun.

Choke also lives a "normal" life with his odd family - as you should've guessed by now. The Shootforce executes impossible, ridiculous tasks and prevent global disaster. They're a well-oiled engine. The Hazard family conversely operates like an off-center washing machine.


The Hazards:

Choke - As above. Blonde, tan, muscular, wears sunglasses at all times and may in fact have no eyes of his own for all anyone knows. He's big on the awkward invasions of personal space, slapping your ass for a job well-done or helpfully towelling you off in the locker room. He's basically oblivious toward anything beyond gung-ho testosterone-fueled mayhem.

Mauve - Mrs. Hazard is Choke's second-in-command on the Shoot Force. Her hair is mauve, and that's the entire backstory for her character. Despite looks, she's incredibly tough and oft acts as the head of the family. She's also cheating on Choke with a space Princess.

Chastity - The teen daughter. She's essentially a full-size Barbie doll (more like one of her teen friends as opposed to THE star) and is not anatomically correct. For this reason, she feels comfortable being naked most of the time despite her parents' objections. Always wants to be involved in activities - running track, planning prom, everything ever.

Jared - Awkward young man with a magical medieval helmet permanently stuck over his head. Doesn't dress according to that item, however. The object gives him several physical bonuses, but, as he puts it, "girls don't like guys with unwashed heads".

Cankerberry "Trog" Troglovich - Similar to an old Troll doll with the brushable hair, mixed with a cantankerous eastern-european old man. He's the small, angry one. The Hazards "adopted" him after destroying his homeland in the midst of a battle. He considers himself more of a PoW and loudly complains about all impositions as if being submitted to torture.

Moonshadow - Choke's oversized Raven pal, who is able to communicate verbally and can perfectly mimic things said by others. He's loyal to a fault and will wantonly spy on others if he thinks it might benefit Choke. Luckily, he can be distracted by shiny objects and especially his own reflection, which he instantly attempts to woo.

Shootforce Secondaries:

P.J. Potroast - The wise-cracking slang-slinging member of the team, P.J. is the newest member of the Shootforce and is often caught failing to observe their strange rules and traditions. He was supposed to get a guidebook upon joining, but they'd run out of copies due to the high turnover of dead new guys.

Brute Amrock & Flint Steamchunk - Color-swapped versions of the same muscle-bound, roughneck character. They're identical in every way except for hues, race, and an identifying icon on their outfits. They're not related at all, and Brute, the caucasian "twin", is higher-ranked than Flint despite doing identical things at exactly the same time throughout their careers. Neither seems to notice this bias as Brute racks up medal after medal for the same actions.

Slicescream - The ubiquitous ninja, Slicescream is an expert warrior who speaks only in Haiku and seeks enlightenment and inner peace. If forced to utter anything else either by violence or scenerio, he completely loses his **** and kills everyone he sets eyes on.

Other Friends:

Princess Dawndust - A space amazon of royal lineage, on an intergalactic quest to thwart evil and earn her "Gold Star" from the intergalactic council... which is literally her own star in space. She pulls magic spells out of her ass most of the time, just shouting phrases or terms that cause incredible damage.

The Iron Butterflies - A team of futuristic, armored butterfly-themed heroes who often appear out of nowhere to "assist" in winning the day at the last second. Think Power Rangers meets Silverhawks. They're incredible victory-hogs, and will only get involved in a battle if it's all but won.

Valorian - Champion of space and future Husband/Master of Princess Dawndust... or so he presumes. Though the arranged marriage has been in place since childhood, Valorian's charm and wit seem oddly lost on the object of his affections. He's a sort of mix between Superman and the Silver Surfer.


Creepy Crawler - Head of W.O.R.M., the World Organization of Random Meanies. Wears a mix of worm/roach themed armor in the style of Darth Vader and Cobra Commander. If his armor is destroyed (though never his helmet, we never truly know his face) we find out he's actually about five feet tall despite his bravado and meanacing demeanor.

Bootlick - A dog-man and Creepy Crawler's main henchman. He's every abused animal-man sidekick, but with only adoration for his master and not a hint of jeolousy or vengeance. He's completely in awe of the most simple tasks Creepy undertakes, including opening a door by the knob.

Pinworm - The evil magic shaman and advisor to Creepy Crawler, Pinworm can cause injury simply by poking his voodoo doll. Creepy Crawler consults him on all important matters... and some of the unimportant ones... but Pinworm's predictions are always flattering and optomistic. When things go wrong, he blames meddling spirits.

Ms. Assembly - The mis-assembled woman. She's almost entirely a chipper, cute girl with pigtails, Creepy Crawler's #1 cheerleader... but her tremendous, muscular monster arm and letal robotic leg make her a force to be reckoned with.

Wormbags - These are the foot soldiers of W.O.R.M. They wear a sort of sleek "battle" version of a hazmat suit, and destroying said suit reveals them to simply be inexplicable heaps of worms.

I hope this goes somewhere, someday. For now, however... feel the fail!
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