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Title: Being Creative: The James Cameron Method!
Post by: Slimebeast on 03:10:37 AM 01/01/13
(Now generate your own with the James Cameron Method Random Thing Generator Thing (!)

I've often wondered if I could start some sort of helpful blog or website related to teaching others how to be creative. Stuff just comes to me, creatively speaking, but I'm sure some of you out there may need a bit of a kick-start.

I hope to post a few of these threads, in which I'll lay out a method of being creative and will encourage others to apply the example.

Here's what we'll call the James Cameron method:

Terminator, Avatar, Other Things, these are just some of James Cameron's famous achievements... but did you know that YOU too can achieve creative excellence with the three simple steps he uses?

It's TRUE!

Just fill in the blanks.

1.) In the world of ______,
2.) the chracter(s) from ______
3.) do stuff from ______!

"Surely it's not that simple," you say, "There must be some sort of mistake!"

Well, there are only two mistakes made here. One is questioning me, and the other is talking when I'm talking.

Let's put the James Cameron Method to work!

1.) In the world of "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream",
2.) the character(s) from "Demon With A Glass Hand"
3.) do stuff from "Soldier"!

There we have "Terminator", one of Cameron's biggest achievements.

Now it's well-known that JC ripped that junk out of those short stories. Big deal, right?


Here's Avatar:

1.) In the world of "Noon Universe",
2.) the character(s) from "Call Me Joe"
3.) do stuff from "Pocahontas"!

Catching on, now? Good!

To be fair, honest, and handsome, I must note that this is NOT restricted only to James Cameron. No, the method is only named after him due to the famous "Terminator" example.

This can be applied to many popular works.

Hunger Games:

1.) In the world of "1984",
2.) the character(s) from "Twilight"
3.) do stuff from "Running Man"!

All set? Let's make some of our own! Do this along with me.

1.) In the world of... "Alien",
2.) the character(s) from... "James Bond"
3.) do stuff from... "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"!

Done! We now have a story where the world's greatest super-agent in a future time follows a distress call to an abandoned space hulk. There he finds a humanoid creature that invites him to stay the night... with sexy results!

I'm thinking of calling it "Warm Space".

How did yours come out? Post it!

WARNING: The James Cameron Method is a powerful tool - but make sure you don't allow too much "inbreeding" or your creative process will become deformed.

For a cautionary tale, always look to Adam Sandler.

1.) In the world of my previous films,
2.) the character(s) from my previous films
3.) do stuff from my previous films!
Title: Re: Being Creative: The James Cameron Method!
Post by: dnewbold on 08:31:48 AM 04/14/13
1.) In the world of "Road Warior"
2.) the character(s) from "robots"
3.) do stuff from "Dawn of the Dead"