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Title: 5 Hopes for "Mutant Football League"
Post by: Slimebeast on 04:01:33 AM 10/03/13
In the mid to late 1990s, I met Dave DeVries, a fantastic artist responsible for plenty of trading card/comic/more art you've definitely seen. We did some comic signing stuff together, though he was an actual artist and I was a teenaged tool with a photocopied 'Zine. :)

You may know I'm quite a fan of Mutant League Football (, a relatively obscure-yet-amazing console game from decades past.


Well, imagine my surprise then when I see Dave's Facebook update touting his recent artwork for... all-caps... bolding required...


Is that a zombie?! THAT'S A ZOMBIE!!

Massive Nerd-Attack.

Sure, it's a modern take on the classic and I most likely will never get to play it since I own zero consoles and zero smarty-phones... but still... I WILL GET TO SEE THE SCREENSHOTS! :D :D :D

The project is currently on Kickstarter (, but I have no doubt it'll reach its goal. Since I'm not capable of using Kickstarter very well on my current connection, I'll have to figure out a way to get in there and take a look at what we're in for!


Until then, here's this:

My top 5 Hopes for "Mutant Football League"!

I've thought about it for years... They say the average male thinks about sex every six seconds. I think "I wish someone would bring back Mutant League Football" every 5.5 seconds.

Then I think about sex.

But back on track, here are some old and new ideas that popped into my head throughout the long wait!



One of my favorite passtimes, when playing the original game, was killing the Referee. So much so that I established the most efficient ways to kill him the most often (

With Mutant Football League, I want them to up the ante. I want to kill annoying mascots in the middle of their obnoxious sideline antics! They don't have to be specific to each team, which would be time consuming and difficult for very little benefit - so maybe they dress as giant footballs and the like.

I want Mascots prancing around in stench-soaked foam-rubber costumes, and I want to rocket through them head-first, leaving only tattered cloth and a fine crimson mist.



The original Mutant League Football game had a halftime game in which you could (hilariously) kill "Cheerleaders". Unfortunately, they were just recolors of existing "alien" players. Again, it's time to take things to another level.

I'd like to see Cheerleaders - male and/or female - making human pyramids and doing complicated routines... and I want to rocket through them head-first, leaving behind only tattered skirts and a fine crimson mist.

Better yet, I want the surviving Cheerleaders to chase down any offending player and beat them to death with ninja-esque prowess.



One thing I missed in the original product was a single unifying voice that would alternate between giving tips/tricks and spewing derogatory tripe. Sure, if you messed up the Coach would threaten you... and if you missed a kick, the game was kind enough to tell you what button you were supposed to press... but still...

I'd like to see a "Professional" announcer character that actually gives you hints on how to play more effectively (ie: "Ohh! Ugly play! They need to tighten up out there, use the play menu!" or whatever) while also being intolerably cruel to the player.



I don't know too much about the project just yet, but from what I've seen we'll be getting some new player types - or "races". It makes sense since the past line-up of characters is still owned by Electronic Arts - a company that doesn't understand how Monsters + Football can = Buttloads of Cash right now.

It would be nice to have a huge roster of character types. Bug people with armor and speed bonuses... Mer-People who are a bit slow, but are ultra-dense and too slippery to tackle very well... Blob-Men who don't remain dead after being splattered! The possibilities are limited only by how many monsters have existed. Ever.

Plus, if you have Bug-Folk, you can name one "Prayton Manntis".

That brings us to my final "Top 5" item, though it's FAR from my last idea or thought on the subject...



Way back when, we received a sequel to Mutant League Football that focused on Hockey. It was much more obscure and remains that way to date. I've actually never played it, and I'm THE #1 MLF fan.

(How can I say I'm THE #1 fan? I'll straight-up murder any fool who seems like he's more of a fan than I am - so that comes with bonus points.)

Now that we have the Interwebs and the ability to spread cool ideas and funky monster madness worldwide, there's no reason to stop with Football this time around. If the game succeeds - and you know it will - then I want to see the birth of sooooo many leagues.

Mutant Basketball League... Mutant Golf League... Mutant Vollyball League with monster girls kicking sand in eachother's bloody stumps.

I want it all.


I want the Mutant League Olympics. :-[
Title: Re: 5 Hopes for "Mutant Football League"
Post by: Mary on 07:10:30 PM 10/04/13
You can help us decide what kind of creatures, teams, weapons, fields, and obstacles will be in the final product. That’s right, be part of the design team! There will be a private online design community set up for the backers to discuss the project with the development team. You can let us know your thoughts and feelings about the project and even vote on key design and marketing decisions such as weapon types, team & player names, dirty trick plays and the visual look of the characters.

There you go Mo, back the project and post your ideas on the board.
Title: Re: 5 Hopes for "Mutant Football League"
Post by: Slimebeast on 08:59:53 PM 10/04/13
Now that I have DSL (since last night) I can finally start digging around in these unwieldly behemoth sites!