Aaarghpocalypse™ is a game that lets you survive the stream or survive solo. Name your survivors, or let your Twitch viewers step into their shoes, and see who lives or dies!
  The meddling Murdies™, in their annoyingly edgy plague doctor masks and obnoxious little outfits, have really done it this time!

  Fond of playing God just as casually as they'd play an awkward game of truth or dare, these waddling wiseasses are way too smart for their own good. Now, they've released a series of horrors (of their own creation) upon their otherwise kind-of-alright civilization.

  Zombies, mutants, even angry spirits - there's no end to the horde of hopped-up and hateful horrors that would love nothing more than to make chicken soup out of these bird-faced buffoons.

  You, a semi-omnipotent "eye in the sky" watching via satellite, will gleefully stare in a drooling stupor as the events of the Aaarghpocalypse™ unfold in front of you! Who will survive? Who will perish? The unslappable, hairy hand of fate decides!