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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:56:57 PM 06/04/18 »
What if I host and maintain it?

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:38:30 AM 04/23/18 »
the game only shows the code up to the top menu generation, the body is no longer sent.

edit: only some parts still work, top lists work but group (when you want to see who's in your own group)  showing doesn't (HTTP error 500), profile and skills page show fine so the database connection still is fine and data would appear to be OK too, so by deduction it must be something that's shared by both game.php and group.php, all the other pages function fine.

edit: you guys don't happen to share the code on github or something so we can contribute patches? :)

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:09:22 PM 04/22/18 »
You slash a Bloater with your Claws for 13 damage to the neck, your blood thirst added 8 damage. They die.
Just before they die, a Bloater blasts you with their exploding gut for 2 damage, inflicting Infected.
A Bloater damages its surroundings as its gases detonate.
• You find some Cans of Pet Food (3) on the remains but have no more room.

it says the zombie infected me but I'm not infected so there might be a bug in that section of the code (edit: oh it says 2 dmg and I wear a riot armour vest, maybe that's it? )

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:54:43 AM 04/18/18 »
thx :)

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:42:09 AM 04/17/18 »
When I hack at cades from the inside and it has other stuff like a television or a generator it switches attack target from barricade to generator or television at page reload.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:04:17 PM 03/09/18 »
Can the NPC humans work together and make a safehouse and such or is that only for real humans. Kind of wondering since I found lots of houses barricaded a tiny bit lately but so far I've only found 1 human player (who's in the same group as me XD) so I was wondering wether it were the NPC establishing bases and leaving them.  :lookaround: If not it would be pretty cool to have a bunch of NPC working together to hold a fort or something.

Hell Rising / Re: Possibke bug?
« on: 07:13:26 AM 03/01/18 »
This has to be a bug:

"NPC_Type 'nobody' not found. Check error logs for more information."

Hell Rising / Re: Possibke bug?
« on: 08:36:10 AM 01/11/18 »
Oh, ok. Shouldn't the added damage have give down then?

Hell Rising / Possibke bug?
« on: 12:03:30 PM 01/10/18 »
You slash a Construction Worker with your Claws for 9 damage to the gut, your blood thirst added 4 damage. They die.
» You leap upward and silently conceal yourself, feeling your bloodlust fade.
You slash a Lazarix Researcher with your Claws for 11 damage to the leg, your blood thirst added 4 damage, leaving them at 4 life.
You slash a Lazarix Researcher with your Claws for 9 damage to the leg, your blood thirst added 4 damage. They die.
Is this bloodlust skill supposed to continue after I hide?  The hiding message seems to indicate it shouldn't.

Hell Rising / Re: Superhumans?
« on: 08:19:26 PM 01/07/18 »
At first I thought it were layers but apparantly you added NPC  :hurr:

what the hell you feeding these kids though? "A Baby New Year spanks you with their oversized rattle for 10 damage to your head. You die."  :o

Hell Rising / Re: Superhumans?
« on: 05:25:49 PM 01/07/18 »
3-4 I think.

Hell Rising / Superhumans?
« on: 01:39:53 PM 01/07/18 »
when I try to attack a human in the fort as zombie all my attacks but 1 do 0-0 dmg? Is this normal? Are these very high level players? I'm level 3.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:28:29 AM 01/07/18 »
Wow, Hellrising is still around :)

My account is gone for some reason though :/ but it's been so many years so that's understandable.

I'm a hobbyist programmer, I have dabbled in php and database before so if I can help in any capacity just let me know. :)

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