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General Discussion / Re: Theories
« on: 04:30:25 AM 06/06/14 »
The Tails Doll curse is a pretty interesting one.

Years ago I actually wrote a short story from the third person perspective of the cursed doll =D

General Discussion / Re: Do you art
« on: 04:27:25 AM 06/06/14 »
I do but I'm not good at it, I'm still working out things.
Your stuff is amazing compared to how terribly I draw XD

General Discussion / Re: TMNTrailer
« on: 04:14:36 AM 06/06/14 »
I'm not even a fan of the franchise and even I am annoyed by what Bay has done to the turtles.

Seriously they all look like Shrek, not turtles =/

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 03:19:16 AM 06/06/14 »
I'm just passing by, but I thought I should introduce myself in case I come back.

My name is Scott, and I'm currently in college still. I love punk rock music, but I'm cool with other genres of music too (mainly rock though). I have many interest, but mainly I would love to do what I enjoy consuming the most (which is to be creative/entertain).

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