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Hell Rising / Re: Akhart shares pornography with minors
« on: 09:28:58 PM 12/08/14 »
Pornography: printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.
Pretty sure that image is an explicit display of sexual organs *edit* that is not intended to stimulate aesthetic or emotional feelings.
The disclaimer frees hellrising from any legal obligations, not akhart. he must still accept responsibility for his actions.

Hell Rising / Re: Akhart shares pornography with minors
« on: 08:32:38 PM 12/08/14 »
So you're its okay to post pornographic images on a video game that likely has children, as long as its in a public forum and there is a safelink?

Hell Rising / Akhart shares pornography with minors
« on: 06:53:06 PM 12/08/14 »
Today akhart posted a pornographic image to hellrising. I am a minor, other minors also play this game. Will you allow Akhart to share pornography with minors? WARNING: THE LINK IN THE PICTURE LEADS TO A GRAPHIC IMAGE.

Sig you are one sad human being, you and "pincher" use the same IP and the same fucking email address, also you have like 30 alts zerging the PP right now.

Give me some proof please.

Right, I'm the one running around with a handful of alts telling people if they don't quit using fences he's gunna threatening to completely destroy the game.  If you look at my post again I said "might be", and the reason for our suspicion is because when I IP + E-mail banned Sig from our chat, you got booted out.  Bad enough, 90% of the active player list is one person.  Nobody else wants that stupidity crapping a public chat.  All you do is go in there to cause problems, just like him.  Stop acting like Sig is innocent and some holy player.  He has 6 alts within 6 tiles of each other killing, destroying 'cades, smashing fences, and starting fires at this current time, and has been for the past 2 months.  He should get an alt wipe, nobody needs that amount alts to stop people from playing.  Different set of rules?  If nobody else can have two alts working in the same suburb, then Sig and Ferril shouldn't have around 30 doing it.
I could sit here and tell Mo exactly what Sig and Ferril are doing, that's if they're different people.  But I won't.  Because I think that level of childish actions is beyond pathetic.

I think if Sig follows the rules its not a problem. I said if he is zerging that something needs to be done. However, if you take the time to read the rules, you will see its okay to have Alts. So he should be allowed to keep some alts. It seems like you are asking the admins to punish someone for playing the game within the rules.

Pincher here, and honestly Akhart is just as big of a troll as Sigfried. He has nonstop harassed me because he believes that I am Sigfried. Even in this thread he singles me out without any proof. Having multiple accounts is allowed in the rules, as long as you stay in different neighborhoods. Calling for the deleting of all of Sig's accounts is asking the admins to break the rules because you have a personal problem with the player. If he is zerging, I understand the need to address it. But you need to come up with a more realistic solution than force a player to use a different set of rules than you.

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