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Hell Rising / Re: TIME TO BE A COMMUNITY - Q&A
« on: 04:36:22 AM 12/04/13 »
Not to be a dick or "that guy" But I don't think this thread is going anywhere as it was originally intended. What's going to happen though is the following.

>People are going to keep asking meaningful and insightful questions that need the same quality of response back
>Mo is going to:
"I can't answer everything indepth because this thread will seriously never end and most of my answers are just "because stuff"

and that's pretty much it for the most part.

and like Tyr said and like I've said in the chat box, updates are chill, but if you don't tell them to use based "semi secrets to prevent wondering and where it is" it's the pretty way of saying "as long as we don't tell you, you won't have expectations"

Thread was a cool idea, but it's just not going down the way it really should be sadly. Oh well. :behead:

Hell Rising / Re: TIME TO BE A COMMUNITY - Q&A
« on: 03:03:48 AM 12/04/13 »
Okay since my last post probably didn't make any sense and likewise wasn't in question form, ahem:

Question: Mo, did you get my email on the "Mall" donation page regarding the building donation idea? and likewise I'm really digging the game so whatever you're doing keep it up it's pretty chill, sometimes I wish I had a little sprite of what my character was wearing though, that would be coolsville.

Hell Rising / Re: TIME TO BE A COMMUNITY - Q&A
« on: 02:43:23 AM 12/04/13 »
This game is pretty cool so far. Some friends who just recently started playing themselves, introduced it to me. Also wondering when you'll respond to my email if you're the email contact from the Mall place in regards to the donation building name thing. Keep up the good work man, pretty chill game, but maybe it's time to update some stuff, not sure what though ha...

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