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you're all too young to remember the one and only skin

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one! Registration only.
« on: 04:14:14 PM 10/19/16 »
im in

Zyph forgot to mention some of our best qualities.

Our Flag. We aren't just a gaming group. We have a long tradition of being 2A supporters and sharing our love of guns and freedom with folks willing to listen. Like we said, we are an established group of people looking to have some fun in a fun game and HR seems to be just what we were looking for.

But what would a FAN post be without gun porn so may I present to you my FAN15:

wow why do you need a gun is your dick small haha hurr durr the wall

Hell Rising / Re: more npc bosses like the boogieman
« on: 06:11:03 PM 10/25/15 »
...........just remake sw

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:19:01 PM 07/17/15 »
When punching people damage slowly ramps up with each successful hit, hitting a max of around 5 damage.

also did you make it so TKs don't count when it's mutual GROUP enemies too? if so that's bullshit and pls remove.

The Slime Pit / Re: My new PODCAST!
« on: 03:59:24 PM 07/13/15 »
hey all just an update i listened to this a few more nights while I fell asleep and had a dream that mo was beating me up for not wanting to make creepypasta with him i dont think i can trust mo anymore anyway it's been nice see you

The Slime Pit / Re: My new PODCAST!
« on: 11:39:15 PM 07/08/15 »
you have a good voice mo i played this while i fell asleep last night so it felt like you were really here talking to me and it was really calming i'll probably do it again tonight

Hell Rising / Re: Post Trap Ideas Here
« on: 12:26:43 AM 06/11/15 »
Or just make a top monthly and also leave top all time as well.
Because you do that Ima have to leave my group. And murder everything to stay on top. No one wants that  :bleed:
i want that....  :-[

Hell Rising / Re: Update Bugs!
« on: 11:15:51 AM 06/08/15 »
Most of my TKs aren't counting in my stats

none of them are mutual enemies either, be it personal or group.

Hell Rising / Re: Post Trap Ideas Here
« on: 10:27:06 PM 06/07/15 »
girls with penises

General Discussion / Re: Anime
« on: 01:27:14 AM 06/05/15 »
berserk is a contender

otherwise probably

General Discussion / Re: Anime
« on: 07:26:56 PM 06/04/15 »
all of it is shit considering how overhyped it is

General Discussion / Re: Anime
« on: 12:05:20 AM 06/04/15 »
any1 like attack on titan???????

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:41:42 PM 06/01/15 »
add the option to overthrow group leaders who have abandoned the game(12+ months inactive)

General Discussion / Re: Anime
« on: 02:42:14 AM 06/01/15 »
t-that wasn't copy paste

that came from my heart :[

I put a lot of effort into that post, hiei, I'm hurt.

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