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Nosferatu / Original Nosferatu film on
« on: 06:08:07 PM 07/26/11 »
The original "Nosferatu" film has been YouTube'd all up on the site!

Just click the "Film" link and enjoy!

Also, be sure to check out the bonus video for a truly frightening experience...

Nosferatu / Nosferatu blurb on
« on: 06:06:49 PM 07/26/11 »
Not exactly new at this point, but for any who don't know - Viper Comics posted a small blurb (and mostly outdated art, a cool way to look back at the beginning of the project) over on

If you haven't shown Viper how much you're looking forward to this yet, now would be a good time to start.

As a sidenote, everyone clap your hands and wish really hard for Justin and Sal to say "Hello" here!

Nosferatu / Welcome to!
« on: 06:05:49 PM 07/26/11 »
Welcome to Book Of Vampires. Herein you will find news, updates, and previews concerning the "Nosferatu" graphic novel from Viper Comics.

Get ready to take the thril-ride of your life on this non-stop rollercoaster of action-packed... things... and...

Just enjoy the ride, damn it! ;d

Cryptophobia / The Good, the Bad, and the Cryptid!
« on: 12:50:14 AM 06/27/11 »
I had to share this concept art from Jorge Balaguer based on Matt Louden's script for an upcoming issue of Cryptophobia.


That's right. Cryptophobia has Wild West Wendigos. Deal with it!

Love Monster / Love Monster preview!
« on: 11:12:56 PM 06/12/11 »
Here's the long and short of our concept, my friends...


"Love Monster" is the twisted tale of Pearl, a young woman with a fetish for serial killers and creepy creatures. Bob, her long-suffering secret admirer, is dragged here and there on her monster-hunting excursions.

Illustration by the illustrious David Cabrera, written by Christopher Howard Wolf.

Cryptophobia / New Stories Added!
« on: 01:33:28 AM 05/29/11 »
Over the past few weeks, we've added several new stories to the Cryptophobia roster!

This includes, but is not limited to, monsters that eat you and spit you out shorter than you were before. Yes, that's a real cryptid.

If any renegade chupacabras are going to attack these fine collaborators... please do it after they've turned in the final pages!

Check out the thumbnail on the topic list! (It's one level up from this post...)

That's right, now scanning a forum for interesting artwork is as simple as looking through thumbnails!

[attachimg=1 width=300]

All you have to do is attach your image to your post. When you make a post, there is an option just below the text area called "Attachments and other options". From there, it's pretty simple!

You can even make attached files appear anywhere you want in your post. This is accomplished as follows:

Code: [Select]
[attachimg=# width=300][attachimg=1 width=300]
Note: Width factor optional.

Code: [Select]
This displays the file as you would see it below your post.

Code: [Select]
This displays a thumbnail.

Code: [Select]
This displays the attachment's URL.

Code: [Select]
This displays a short version of the attachment's URL.

You can attach up to four files to a single post, and place them all IN your post as well with the code above. Just change the # to the number of the attachment. 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Also, check out this awesome image by Sean Thornton. :D

You can find more on Lifto, the Living Elevator at Heroes & Henchmen.

Love Monster / under construction!
« on: 08:10:35 PM 05/09/11 »
"Love Monster" is the story of boy meets girl, girl meets monster, boy becomes jeolous of monster.

But how exactly does she find the fiends?

In the coming days, follow and find out!

Germ News / Redesign in Progress!
« on: 01:18:38 PM 03/18/11 »
Well, it's 2011. Hooray, and whatnot.

Time to reinvent yet again. We've seen projects die in flames, we've seen others born in... well, not flames, because what kind of mother would I be if I birthed my mind-children into a roaring fire?

Not a very good one!

... Where was I?

Right. is getting a redesign for 2011, and for all the new projects on the horizon!

Come check it out while it's in progress. Rant about what you hate, etc.

Cryptophobia / A Sneek Peek by Rhys McDonald!
« on: 09:14:41 PM 03/17/11 »
Here's a sneak peek at something coming down the road for Cryptophobia!


Cryptophobia / Cryptophobia #1 Cover Revealed.
« on: 09:14:04 PM 03/17/11 »
Hi all,

Great news for you today... take a look on the main page (Over to the right.) and you'll see a fantastic new cover, illustrated by Rhys McDonald!

If you weren't jazzed before - get jazzed now! (Or the Yeti will get you... Yes, really.)

Cryptophobia / Bigfoot in your face(book)!
« on: 09:12:46 PM 03/17/11 »
Join us on the Official Cryptophobia Facebook page... show your support, meet other Cryptophiles, or just beg us to play Farmville!*

Cryptophobia | Facebook

*Please do not beg us to play Farmville.

Cryptophobia / Viper Spreads the Mystery.
« on: 09:12:10 PM 03/17/11 »
The guys at Viper were kind enough to spread the word about Cryptophobia on the main page.

Check it out!   Cryptophobia Seeking Submissions | Viper Comics

Cryptophobia / Welcome to Cryptophobia!
« on: 09:11:41 PM 03/17/11 »
Now that the site has launched, it's about time we opened the Cryptophobia forum, don't you think?

Check out the various boards and feel free to get posting! We have a bevy of interesting features installed for your usage.

Cryptophobia / Cryptophobia Submission Guidelines!
« on: 09:09:22 PM 03/17/11 »
"Cryptophobia" is a Digital Anthology Comic from Viper Comics.

About Cryptophobia:

"Cryptophobia" will be published digitally as a standard ongoing anthology. If this title proves popular, Viper Comics will elect to publish said project.

This means that "Cryptophobia" will be available for the iPhone, iPad and various other digital formats, with the possibility of collections seeing print.

The creator(s) retain all rights to their work, but it is requested that said work not appear in another publication for 18 months after it is published in "Cryptophobia". This also means that while the creator(s) may of course post previews of their story, no more than 25% of a story may be provided as a preview.

What to submit:

"Cryptophobia" will focus primarily on Cryptozoological tales. Primarily cryptological creatures, but also mythological monsters or legendary ghosts and demons.

Please keep your story around 8-10 pages, and make sure to tell us if you intend the story to be self-contained or ongoing. Ongoing tales have less of a chance of making it into the book due to constraints on space, and MUST have a definite beginning and end. No open-ended tales will be accepted.

Note that "8-10 pages" is a request. A few more or less won't get your story canned.

Stories will not be passed over simply because they stretch this genre, however these tales may be spread out through the installments of this anthology. (For example, stories about creatures such as zombies and aliens would be stretching it a bit.)

If you want to invent your own "legendary" monster and it is done well enough to be approved, be aware that these stories will be spread out through the installments as well.

Stories will need to be fully completed before being included in an installment of this project. That means it will need to be written, illustrated, inked, colored, and lettered.

However, consideration may be made if your story is purposefully presented in black and white, is silent (without dialogue or captions), etc.

There is a strict "PG-13" rating for this anthology.

How to submit:

There will be several ways to submit work to this project. We will NOT be matching up creative teams, however we will approve or pass on work submitted, enabling any given writer or artist to be theoretically approved for the book before finding their creative soulmate(s).

You are most likely to succeed if you form a creative team on your own before submitting!

Creative Team - If you are the member of a creative team... great! Submit 3-4 completed sequentials, a simple 55-60 word synopsis of pitch, and the script for review. Lettered pages are preferred, however the lettering job for submissions only needs to be easily readable.

Writer - Send simple 55-60 word synopsis of pitch, and the completed script. PDF or Microsoft Word files are preferred.

Artist - Send 2-3 pages of sequentials. Pin-ups are okay if you want to show off your illustrative muscle, but ONLY include a couple pin-ups in addition to the required 2-3 sequentials. Low-resolution JPGs are preferred.

Colorist - Send 2-3 pages showing your coloring work. Sequential pages are preferred. Low-resolution JPGs are preferred.

Lettering - Send 2-3 pages showing your lettering work. Sequential pages are required. Low-resolution JPGs are preferred.

Inking - Send 2-3 pages showing your inking work. Sequential pages are preferred. Low-resolution JPGs are preferred.

Please do not send anything other than work that effectively showcases your talent. Queries that include phrases such as "This isn't my best work, but..." are usually doomed from the start.

When sending images, please only submit low-res files. URLs to your work are also acceptable.

Please do not send images that cannot be easily seen - or cannot be easily read if they include dialogue.

If you are interested in submitting work for a cover, please send a link to your previous work on pin-ups or covers. If you have an existing work that you would like to submit for a prospective cover, please send a low-res image of that work.

Any prospective cover MUST have space to accomidate the "Cryptophobia" logo at either the top left or top right of the image.

Keep in mind that covers must also fit the theme of this anthology, IE: Cryptozoology, the supernatural, etc.

The more compelling and well-executed the image, the greater the chance it will be accepted as a prospective cover.

File Requirements:

These are the required specs for all files submitted for inclusion in the anthology. These are NOT requirements for submissions.

Final pages submitted for inclusion in the anthology must be traditional comic book format.

6.875" x 10.5" Bleed
6.625" x 10.25" Trim
6" x 9.5" Live

Files must be 300 dpi TIF files. Do NOT up-size the resolution from any number lower than 300.

The official address for submissions is!

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