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Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 03:05:33 PM 09/30/16 »
You may not use an alt or proxy to scout out tournament players.  However if a non tournament player rats out your location, too bad.  You should get a better hiding spot.

Maybe we can get Mo to crank the anti zerg feature to max for this event

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 02:44:50 PM 09/20/16 »
why not

Hell Rising / Re: We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 10:20:49 AM 08/03/16 »

Hell Rising / Re: 55 humans, 31 zombies, 18 vampires
« on: 09:43:33 AM 10/28/15 »
Don't fix what isn't broke.


Hell Rising / Re: 55 humans, 31 zombies, 18 vampires
« on: 05:56:46 PM 10/27/15 »
Vampire soldier NPC kills said Zed BAM a new vamp

Hell Rising / Re: 55 humans, 31 zombies, 18 vampires
« on: 05:44:09 PM 10/27/15 »
Its literally impossible to extinct the undead they have skills to stand after revival. They can be turned via npc.

Word 8)

Hell Rising / Re: 55 humans, 31 zombies, 18 vampires
« on: 05:30:10 PM 10/27/15 »
This is all assumption based in the fact that people feel humans are superior, they aren't the only ones who can craft, vampires can craft as well. In a post apoc setting, for humans to survive they should have to work together. There's a group bank that allows for the mass storage of items, like vile serum, revival serum and blood bags. Farming for the materials makes way more sense than death having next to no effect.

I do however see the point of human impatience, so I'll modify my suggestion of removing the revival serum searches and offer a reduced finding rate. This is year 10 after all and the humans are poised to extinct all undead. This is the exact same scenario that you want humans to avoid except I'm offering a solution.

If you don't like the solution, figure out a better one because the status quo isn't working.
It is year 7 for me and for many folks IT IS year one. I don't like being human anyway, but I like killing them. So, give them all 10 free serum per day for all I care.. :zombie: :theend:

Hell Rising / Re: 55 humans, 31 zombies, 18 vampires
« on: 04:24:41 PM 10/27/15 »
It resets if you hide.

Well, turn that off please.  :halloween:

Hell Rising / Re: 55 humans, 31 zombies, 18 vampires
« on: 04:19:30 PM 10/27/15 »
So how do you see a vamp gaining a 30 damage a bite, what does a vamp have to do to get that? What are the conditions that make that happen, how much xp does it take to get to there?

It use to be that the more folks you killed the higher your blood lust went and it would stay until you were killed. However, I do not remember getting it to 30 per attack.
I have not had it over 4 since returning and it seems to ware off after some amount of time.

If the zeds would gang up you could easily destroy most of the humans (fort rat types)

was going to test more but Roly stopped by and helped the npc dismember me

U only had 7 hp that Mantis guy was going to kick your ass anyway..  :grave:

Hell Rising / Re: Boogieman hunt
« on: 12:55:56 PM 10/27/15 »
I am in  :lookaround:

Hell Rising / Re: NPC Spawn Time Updates
« on: 10:16:11 AM 10/27/15 »
 ;D :o :o :o :o ;D


Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Bupdate
« on: 04:38:07 PM 10/22/15 »
I thought it was a decent idea.  :lookaround:

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Bupdate
« on: 03:54:49 PM 10/22/15 »
I like it!  Thank you

Have you decided about the % to fall from RTR? Or just leave it at 2 AP..?

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Bupdate
« on: 03:51:32 PM 10/22/15 »
    • Vampires can now hide with the lights on
    • Vampires are no longer automatically unhidden when the lights come on, but are extremely easy to find when searching

    Are they extremely easy to find even in the dark?

    Hell Rising / Re: Update Bugs!
    « on: 05:14:35 PM 08/17/15 »
    Thank you. ;D 

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