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Hell Rising / Re: Death should mean something
« on: 06:56:22 PM 11/20/13 »
I have always thought that the consequences of being killed were amazingly low. I have been killed then stood right back up and killed the person that just killed me many times and I am sure most players could say the same.
I am not sure if tyr's ideas are the correct way to deal with this flaw, but it is something that should be talked about and some kind of agreement between the majority of players and the creators should be reached and implemented.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:27:36 PM 11/14/13 »
but then I had the idea of making it so that it's 2 AP per 5 minutes, but every 10 minutes grants an extra 1 AP on weekends, given that something like that is possible.

This is what I meant by my 2.5 ap remark.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 08:44:24 PM 11/12/13 »
Alts should not be allowed   Period. I see no reason that alts would help game play in this small of a field. Do you? If so please tell me why.

Also, we need to raise the AP rate to 2 and maybe 3 on weekends. the 1 ap was fine when there was 20 players, but times have changed and we need to move on up . ;)

Hell Rising / Re: Whats all this about npc's?
« on: 03:20:34 PM 11/06/13 »
you could always invite Hiei

To late he's in!   :elephant:

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:30:02 AM 11/06/13 »
How does one get .5 AP?

That's a good ? MO lmao.  :lookaround:

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 07:33:13 PM 11/05/13 »
Please reset the AP rate to @ 2.5 per 5 min. and 5 per  5 min on weekends. I think this is needed until we get enough players back on. I am serious here. This game is UD ap with no players............... At least give it a try and if it sux u can change it back to something in between.

I want to play here, but it is getting annoying MO

Hell Rising / Re: Refresh toplist?
« on: 01:17:58 PM 10/27/13 »
WHO u callin' OLD!   :lookaround:

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 01:01:10 PM 10/27/13 »
Roly here, and like Berz I have been gone a long while. I come from the Warriors of old. Hopefully there will be enough going on to keep my interest.

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