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Hell Rising / Re: Týr's Newbie Guide
« on: 03:00:43 AM 10/22/13 »
Ah I thought you mentioned the power station too. Yeah just the fort at the moment.

Nah, I didn't. We have an entire section on important locations as well but I didn't post that for obvious reasons.

Hell Rising / Re: Týr's Newbie Guide
« on: 02:39:00 AM 10/22/13 »
Great guide, I think mainly just the map locations are out of date.

Also gennies aren't really useful at the moment.

Thanks. Which map locations? I've come to understand that there is no longer a fort, but is that it?

I'll leave the section about generators in even if they aren't as important as they used to be. Unless the feature has been removed, it's certainly something players should know about.

General Discussion / Re: Pasta in haiku form!
« on: 01:42:06 AM 10/22/13 »
Lenin statue glares,
Girl imprisoned for her fear.
Winter in Moscow.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:11:58 PM 10/21/13 »
Probably something to do with tabs that you can switch between. If such a thing were to happen.

Tabs? That doesn't sound too smooth. But I wouldn't know the workings of it.

I'd still think my split-box suggestion would look more nice anyway.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 09:57:00 PM 10/21/13 »
Tyr do you happen to have any sword training?

Sword, spear, axe, shield, knife and archery coupled with medieval wrestling, amongst other things. I used to be a teacher in an early medieval/viking era combat school and a demonstrator at historical festivals, as well as a semi-competitive or otherwise for-fun combatant in tournaments.

I'm also a professional smith with 14 years of experience.

Health complications have forced me to give a lot of that up, unfortunately.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:42:24 PM 10/21/13 »
... just a matter of making it so we don't screw people with small screens. Devices, whatever.
But Mo it's 2013.

Also, not even my screen is that big. It's a compound screen-shot. I'm not saying the actual game layout should be that huge. I was only pointing out the split text boxes.

Hell Rising / Tyr's Newbie Guide
« on: 08:19:42 PM 10/21/13 »
This is a newbie guide I'd written and posted on the Einherjar group forum. I figured since the HR reboot is still seemingly fresh and low in numbers/levels I'd go ahead and copy-paste it here. It is obviously unfinished.

Corrections, suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

I. General Information
  • Important Items
II. Human Guide
  • Useful Items
  • Strategy
  • Weapon Choice
III. Zombie Guide In Progress
  • Useful Items
  • Strategy
  • Attack Types
IV. Vampire Guide In Progress
  • Useful Items
  • Strategy
  • Attack Types

I. General Information
1. Important Items
  • Walkie-Talkie - This is arguably the most important item in the game and is mandatory for group participation. It allows you to speak over public channels and gives access to Group chat. It can be found most commonly in Police Departments.
  • GPS Unit - A very handy item that displays your coordinates along side your location. It can be found in Electronic Stores.
  • Wristwatch - A semi-handy item that displays the server time. It is useful for organisation and when waiting for the next refresh. It can be found in Electronic Stores.
  • Sledgehammer - While being a decent weapon on its own, the Sledgehammer sees its usefulness when destroying barricades as it receives a bonus to hit against them. It can be found most commonly in Hardware Stores.
  • Kevlar Vest/a Helmet - When worn, these items negate 0-2 points of damage. As a Human with the Defensive Posture skill, this is raised to 0-3. Found in Police Departments. (To my knowledge, these items' abilities do not stack when wearing both a vest and a helmet. Feel free to correct me on this.)
  • Backpack - When worn, it gives access to 10 storage slots. Items in these slots must be removed in order to use them. It appears you can only store healing items and common types of ammunition in Backpacks as of now (needs clarification). Found in Schools.
  • City Map - A useful, though unnecessary, item that displays a link to the HR Wiki Map. It can be found most commonly in Hotels.

II. Human Guide
1. Useful Items
  • Medkits/Antibiotics - Found in Fort Armouries and Hospitals. Medkits heal more than Antibiotics. They are both made more effective by the First Aid skill. Searching in Hospitals yields these in stacks.
  • Injector/Revival Serum - Found in Lazarix Buildings. They can only be used after acquiring the Lab Studies skill. When loaded with Serum, the Injector can be used on a fresh corpse to convert it back to human. (Current undead skills allow this to be resisted, so it's not advised to revive someone unless requested. It is however a decent source of XP.)
  • Fire Extinguisher - Found in Fire Departments and Buildings, most easily the latter. They are used to put out fires and empty randomly upon use.
  • Spraypaint Can - Found most commonly outside of Clubs. They can only be used after acquiring the Vandalism skill, and are used to write messages on to walls. They empty at random upon use.
  • Generator/Gas Cans - Generators are found in Hardware Stores, Gas Cans can be found very easily outside of Gas Stations. Generators power 1 tile when filled with gas. They are very useful for when there is a power outage. When destroyed, Generators have a chance of starting a fire. They last several hours when full. It takes 4 cans to fill a Generator.
2. Strategy
  • Lights - It is easier for humans to work when the lights are on in a building. The only actions inside a building that are not affected by lighting are combat, reloading, healing and writing messages.
  • Building Damage - Virtually the same as Lights. The worse the condition of the building, the more difficult it is to perform actions in that building. Vampires have a chance of damaging buildings when they attack a barricade, and zombies can damage buildings directly. Fires damage buildings rapidly. You need the Carpentry skill to repair buildings, and repairing grants XP.
  • Barricades - A human's first line of defense. They can only be erected after acquiring the Carpentry skill. Humans can bypass any barricade that is below level 9. Higher barricades will require 10 AP to climb over. Undead cannot bypass barricades. Barricades will decay 1 level every 12 hours if the building is left empty. Vampires cannot sense the inside of a building if there is a barricade above 9 on that tile.
  • Rooftop Run - The Rooftop Run skill allows humans to travel from building to building while remaining on the inside of them, and also allows humans to bypass any level of barricade therefore. Without this skill you will have to spend 5 AP to exit heavily barricaded buildings.
  • Hiding - Hiding is a human's second line of defense. You can only hide after acquiring the Hiding skill. If you are hiding, players must search the tile to find you in order to see you. Once they do find you, you are no longer hidden to them even if they leave (unless they log out). Vampires can still sense you even when you are hiding. It is harder to hide with the lights on.
  • Dead Shot - The Dead Shot skill dramatically increases the damage you deal when you strike the head or torso of your target. This skill allows you to often do massive damage and is therefore recommended to acquire as soon as possible.
3. Weapon Choice
Melee - What you use as a melee weapon is completely up to you. Most melee weapons found are gag weapons, doing low damage or none at all. Below is a list of recommended weapons.
  • Baseball Bat - (dmg. 2-3, acc. 30%/60%)
    A very accurate, but low-hitting, blunt weapon. Its accuracy makes it ideal for new players. Found most commonly in Schools and Sport Shops.
  • Fire Axe - (dmg. 3-5, acc. 20%/50%)
    A decent blade weapon. Slightly stronger than the Baseball Bat for 10% less accuracy. Recommended over the Bat after having bought all the skills. Found in Fire Departments.
  • Pitchfork - (dmg. 4-6, acc. 18%/48%)
    The Blade skill tree's answer to the Sledgehammer. A very good weapon to pick up at any level. Found in Houses.
  • Machete - (dmg. 5-8, acc. 10%/40%)
    A hard-hitting blade weapon. Much stronger than the Fire Axe for yet another 10% less accuracy. Arguably the most sought-after melee weapon in the game, prefered by most veteran players (myself included). Only available on Friday the 13ths in Hardware Stores.
  • Sledgehammer - (dmg. 4-6, acc. 10%/40%)
    A decent blunt weapon. Best used as a last resort, but always recommended for use against barricades. Found in Hardware Stores.
  • Tombstone - (dmg. 6-8, acc 2%/32%)
    A hard-hitting blunt weapon. The hardest hitting melee weapon available, but with mediocre accuracy. Berz swears by this weapon. Found in Cemeteries.
Firearms - What you use as a firearm is completely up to you. Below is the list of firearms currently available in the game.
  • Assault Rifle - (dmg. 4-10, acc. 20%/50%)
    A rifle with a wide damage range and decent accuracy. It uses Rifle Clips and its magazine holds 15 rounds. Found in Fort Armouries and Gun Shops.
  • Shotgun - (dmg. 8-12, acc. 20%/50%)
    A small arms rifle that deals high damage with decent accuracy. It uses Shotgun Shells and has a capacity of 4 shells. Found in Fort Armouries, Gun Shops, and Police Departments.
  • Pistol - (dmg. 4-7, acc. 30%/60%)
    A small arms pistol that deals decent damage with high accuracy. It uses Pistol Clips and its magazine holds 6 rounds. Found in Fort Armouries, Gun Shops, and Police Departments.

III. Zombie Guide In Progress
1. Useful Items
  • Human Hearts - Found in Hospitals. Heals 3 to 7 HP when consumed.
  • Embalming Fluid - Found in Funeral Homes. Heals 2 to 4 HP when consumed.
  • Rotted Meat - Found in Restaurants and Supermarkets. Heals 3 to 4 HP when consumed.
2. Strategy
  • Drop Dead - The Drop Dead skill enables a zombie to hide anywhere on the map by making them take the appearance of a regular corpse. The game will list you as a corpse on the tile with no interaction buttons, but if a player searches the tile there is a chance they can find you. If you Drop Dead outside of a building, a vampire can sense your presence from the inside.
  • Infection - With the Biohazard skill and its child skills you can infect other players. Infection causes you to lose 1 HP for most actions until you heal yourself, or someone heals you. Infection does not work on other zombies, but it is very effective against vampires.
  • Cellular Degeneration - The Cellular Degeneration skill allows you to resist a revival attempt and stand as a zombie. This is very useful if you wish to play as a zombie. Its child skill, Adrenaline Boost, allows you to gain HP from resisting a revival attempt.
  • Meat Seeking - The Meat Seeking skill often doubles the damage you deal when striking the head and torso of your target. This skill is extremely useful by allowing a zombie to do massive damage and therefore conserve its low AP.
  • Dine Out - The Dine Out skill allows you grab hold of a player that is below max HP and pull them out from the inside of a building. This skill becomes increasingly useful when you don't want to be seen killing someone, or if there are a large group of players inside. It essentially allows you to kill players with stealth and minimise the amount of damage you suffer when encountering groups.
  • Suicide - If you find yourself wanting to become a zombie as a human, you can commit suicide. To do this you must find a tall building ('Building' buildings) and enter it, then click the Jump button. This kills your character, and therefore turns you into a zombie. Normal death rules apply; you can get revived should someone find your corpse and it may cause you to need to jump again. This does not work for vampires--they must get killed by a zombie using teeth attacks to be converted.
3. Attack Types
  • Hands - Hand attacks are very accurate, maxing out at 70% accuracy with all of the skills, but do much lower damage than Teeth attacks. Hand attacks are advised when you must kill someone or something quickly.
  • Teeth - Teeth attacks aren't nearly as accurate as Hand attacks, maxing out at 45% with all of the skills, but they allow you to heal and spread infection once the appropriate skills are bought. Teeth attacks are advised when you can take your time with a kill.
  • Spew - With the Infectious Spew skill you can vomit and infect all humans or vampires on your tile without having to attack them. Can be useful against organised groups of players.

IV. Vampire Guide In Progress
1. Useful Items
  • Human Hearts - Found in Hospitals. Heals 3 to 7 HP when consumed.
  • Bags of Blood - Found in Hospitals. Heals 3 to 4 HP when consumed. Cures infection.
2. Strategy
  • Rafter Hang - The Rafter Hang skill allows a vampire to hide within a building so long as the building is dark. You can darken a building by turning the breakers off. Hiding will cause any bloodthirst to lessen.
  • Feeding - With the Plasma Feeding skill, you gain half the damage you deal with Fang attacks as HP.
  • Latching On - The Powerful Jaws skill allows you to grab hold of your target upon a successful Fang attack, dramatically increasing your accuracy. The accuracy bonus applies to other melee attacks as well, including attacks with human weapons. Missing an attack while latched on has a chance of causing you to lose your hold.
  • Bloodthirst - With the Bloodthirst skill, consecutive kills add a bonus to your damage output, up to a maximum of +10, until you die. Hiding will cause any bloodthirst to lessen.
  • Cursed Blood - The Cursed Blood skill allows you to resist a revival attempt. This is useful if you wish to play as a vampire.
  • Sensing - With the Supernatural Senses skill you can see how many players are inside of a building regardless of if they are hiding or not. Its two child skills further increase the usefulness of this ability: the Energy Perception skill tells you how much HP your target has after a successful hit; and the Discerning Palette skill tells you whether or not a player in the building is an enemy.
  • Blood Letting - The Blood Letting skill dramatically increases the damage you deal when you strike the neck or chest of your target.
3. Attack Types
  • Claws - Claw attacks are not only slightly more powerful than Fang attacks, but are also more accurate, however, Fang attacks have important advantages over Claw attacks.
  • Fangs - Fang attacks, while not being as powerful and accurate as Claw attacks, allow a vampire to latch on to targets to increase their accuracy and feed on targets to regain HP. The ability to regain HP with each attack using Fang attacks makes Fang attacks the primary weapon for a vampire. If you have the Vampiric Infection skill, killing someone with your Fang attacks will convert them into a vampire.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:33:02 PM 10/21/13 »
I died, at some point, and the trick or treaters and vampire bats nudged my death from the event log.

It's sorta annoying.

Regarding this: Would it be feasible to add one or two more text boxes for different kinds of messages, timestamped and all?

I'm thinking separate Combat and Event logs. I'll be honest and say that the current system is sort of sloppy or otherwise overwhelming at times.

Purple is best layout.


General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: 03:59:16 PM 10/21/13 »
Suddenly: foreign progressive metal

General Discussion / Re: Greetings, I have brought pastas.
« on: 03:44:43 PM 10/21/13 »
The first story is a bit stale. I've read far too many of these that bank on the trope of 'You don't know it's there but it's there' to incite paranoia in the reader. It would do well with some fleshing out; give the story its own character.

The second story is alright. The ending is pretty confusing, as Mary pointed out, but it's better than the first. It would be much better with more context added.

Both have a number of mistakes in their writing that you may want to look into fixing. Two examples: in the first story you use 'feel' a handful of times when it should be 'feeling'; in the second story, near the beginning, it goes 'you'll ever will'.

General Discussion / Re: what ya reading ?
« on: 04:33:31 AM 10/21/13 »
I'm currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire series.

... It's going incredibly slow because I only read a couple chapters every few days (sometimes weeks) before bed.

I prefer the books to the HBO Game of Thrones series.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 04:25:17 AM 10/21/13 »
I'm Håkon.

I'm a medieval history and combat enthusiast, linguist and python script amateur with an extreme sense of pride in my Scandinavian heritage that bleeds into everything I do.

I stumbled upon Hell Rising/Overlord back in 2009 and quickly became attached to both. Multiple health/financial complications, coupled with interest in other things, had me leave for extended periods of time. I'm not entirely sure why I've come back.

Wait, are you telling me there are actually NPCs now?

I'm sold.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 03:56:57 AM 10/21/13 »
It's been over a year since I last showed around this game.

I've returned to complain about how everything isn't perfect, post extreme and overly-elaborate suggestions and make everyone feel bad just like old times.

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