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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:01:17 AM 10/26/13 »
Can we make it possible for vampires to enter barricades? Commonsensically, there's no real reason we can't. Game balance-wise, I guess it made sense for vamps not to be able to enter when we were superdominant, but not anymore. You can make it a bit harder for us to enter if you have to, e.g. can't enter when heavy or extremely heavy. I think that would make more sense.

There are zero reasons that vampires should be able to climb over barricades.

Have vampire skills been changed since I last played? As far as I know they can still sense straight through low-level barricades. Making it so that they can climb through them makes having low-level barricades pointless. You're then asking humans to dump mass amounts of AP into building up high-level barricades when it already takes a decent amount with failures.

And what do zombies get from that? They already have the worst time finding prey as it is.

I award you no stars: :0stars:

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:36:16 PM 10/25/13 »
Indeed, just didn't want it to seem like "1 AP for impassible, 2 for next level, 4 for next" etc.

I'm going to start rating the things you come up with in stars. Here you go:


Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:26:24 PM 10/25/13 »
I suppose it'd be easy enough to make the barricade climb cost something like 2x the barricade level.

2 to get over 1
4 to get over 2


20 to get over 10


That could work, granted we're talking about levels over impassable. It would be a deterrent from over-barricading for the sake of the undead while making barricades themselves a lot more traversable for humans.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:48:05 PM 10/25/13 »
10 AP to climb over a barricade.

With the new AP rate this seems a little harsh at lower levels. We're not talking 10 minutes anymore. This is 50 minutes.

I'm thinking there should be different amounts for different levels at least. Maybe 4 AP to climb over the first impassable level, 7 AP for EHB and 10 AP for IHB? Something like that.

Also there needs to be a suggestion forum because I'm not stopping any time soon. :V

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:23:50 PM 10/24/13 »
Have you considered not being a dirty, zerging cheater?!! o-o

I have no offences on my character.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:26:29 PM 10/24/13 »
Alt Abuse/Anti-Zerg log.

Have you considered making offences expire after a certain amount of time? It's a bit weird, and frankly unfair, to see slights from 2 or more years ago still displayed in full, especially since I'm sure most of them are complete accidents.

Maybe there should be a 2 or 3 month cut-off?

The Slime Pit / Re: Smileys I did done made...
« on: 02:53:18 AM 10/24/13 »
The round yellow ones primarily use a "blank" which I didn't make: :blank:
brb making my own smileys and you cant stop me

Also your smileys are the best I've come across throughout the entire internet.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 08:33:03 PM 10/23/13 »
So I noticed this before, but I wrote it off as just my computer being retarded or something.

• You drop some Wrenches (2).<- 6:47:04 PM
You hear the sound of an [expunged] being fired echo from [expunged]. (x times)<- 11:50:25 PM
Details removed for my safety.

It's only 7:30 pm, or 8:30 by wristwatch, at the time of this writing.

It seems my actions have a correct timestamp, but things not done by me (eg. trick or treater messages, bat messages, distant combat sounds, etc.) are stamped several hours off.

Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 07:53:14 PM 10/23/13 »
Ok, i can understand the reasoning behind that. However, making a smaller map with no new innovations from the older one only makes the game even more shallow. And at any rate since all classes can hide it really doesn't remove the ghost town feel. Just my .02

Isn't the mist a new thing? It wasn't around when I stopped playing. Makes it a lot easier to move around without getting sniped. In fact it's probably the only reason I was able to make the map so fast.

Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 07:26:05 PM 10/23/13 »
I think Mo should add in a broadcasting station though. It was a good feature in TC and I can't see it doing any harm in Serling.

General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: 06:24:37 PM 10/23/13 »

General Discussion / Re: Based on a True Story
« on: 05:48:36 PM 10/23/13 »
I like it. It's well written for what it is. It's a little predictable, but you wrote it well enough to where I hadn't caught on that the 'father' wasn't actually the boy's father until the morning. Good job on that.

Only criticism I can give is some awkward dialogue, like this:
“Hello, child,” one said a little condescendingly.
I have never, in this day and age, heard someone address a child as that, condescending or not, and especially a police officer. It doesn't seem natural and I think something like 'Hey, little guy' or another endearing phrase would fit better.

But that's nit-picking at best.

Very good work.

General Discussion / Katrin's House [Incomplete]
« on: 04:24:07 AM 10/23/13 »
I am not the world's best writer but I have always enjoyed trying. This is what I've written after 4 alcoholic beverages past midnight. Yes I'm using that as a cop-out for mediocrity. (I am no longer drunk. For now.) It's not done, if the title hasn't suggested that already. I'm posting it unfinished because I felt like it. Also I enjoy feedback during creative processes. I'm going to finish it. Eventually.

Katrin's House

  He had felt so alone in that old house.

  If you were to set eyes on that old house, you would have never guessed someone lived there. The outer walls were bleak and the paint had long ago begun to peel and chip away. The porch was dilapidated and a mysterious green substance thrived along its edges. The roof just above was sunken, waiting to collapse with the next rain. The walls within reeked of mould and the floorboards were curled and twisted from past years of rotting. The staircases seemed treacherous as they spiraled to other floors, biding time for the perfect wrong step. Even stranger stenches saturated the halls, seeping through from long forgotten sources. That old house seemed more appropriate as a scare attraction than a home.

  Yet he lived there. Alone.

  Of course, he had not always lived there alone. She had lived there too, but now she lay far below, beneath packed soil and old stones. It had been her idea to live there, and she had left him there.


  "We can fix it," she said with a happy clap of her hands, "You love fixing things and we have the money. All we need is some fresh paint."
  "Fix it? Fresh paint?" he said sourly, "Have you seen the damned thing? It would be faster to demolish it all and build over it."
  "Don't be so negative," she said, furrowing her brow as though he had insulted her, "You're always so negative!"
  "Katrin, there is no way we could possibly fix that old house," he said with a stern look, "I wouldn't be surprised if we ran out of money before it collapsed on us."

  She crossed her arms and turned away from him in her seat, staring out at the passing horizon through the car window. He couldn't see it, but he knew she was pouting. She always pouted.

  He sighed. "It's too old. No one else has looked into it in years. There is obviously something wrong with it," he started, "We can look at other houses-- better houses-- and find a big one just like that, but with more paint." The corner of his mouth pulled back in frustration as he glanced at her, his eyes following the gentle curve of her shoulder.
  She turned back to face him and he saw that pout. He couldn't help but feel his stomach flutter. She was adorable.
  "But that house has history," she said with a whine and a wild gesture of her hands, "History, Karl! That's why it's so old. Can you imagine what it's been through-- what it's seen? What if someone famous used to live in it? Wouldn't that be wonderful?"
  "We can make our own history," he replied stubbornly, "In a better house that doesn't need the grace of God to be habitable."

  She turned back away from him in a huff and he let out another sigh, dragging his focus back on to the road ahead of them.

  They had been house-hunting for weeks, looking for a place of their own. He wanted a sturdy house. A house that didn't creak and groan if you so much as stepped foot inside of it; a house that he wouldn't have to worry about repairing four or more times each month. He wanted his house to be a good investment, and he didn't care much for how ornate it was or what history, or lack thereof, it had inside of it. She, on the other hand, had her heart set on a traditional family home out on the countryside. She wanted a big family house built by some stranger several decades ago; a house that's withstood the terror and destruction of countless children and the worst of extended family gatherings for generations.

  All of the houses that fit her preferences were the very opposite of what he was willing to put his hard-earned money down on, including that old house, but she had taken a strange and strong liking to it the moment they pulled up its dirt drive.

  He glanced back at her again, catching her shoulder with the corner of his eye, and his lips dropped into a frown.
  "Look here," he said, shifting to face her a little to show that he was serious, "We can look at these other houses up the road, and if you don't like any of those, we can go back there and see what all would have to be done. I'm not putting my mon--"
  His sentence was cut short as she darted toward him and pressed a kiss to his lips.
  "Thank you," she said with a small smile, "That's all you have to say."
  "I wasn't finished," he began, eying her as she laid her head down on his shoulder, causing him to drop his thought. His mind drifted off to Summer days; thoughts of her wearing one of her pretty light dresses and walking through an endless field of grass, holding hands and smiling with her long hair flowing with the wind, a pure look of contentedness on her face.
  "You weren't finished?" she said, interrupting his daydreaming and wrenching him back into reality as she turned her head slightly to look up at him.
  "Oh. Never-mind it." he replied, sliding one of his arms around her shoulders, a little smile creeping over his lips.

  They pulled up to seven more open country homes after that old house, and after the fourth house there was the slightest of grins ever present on Katrin's face. After the fourth house, she would look at all the highlights pointed out to them by their guides only out of courtesy, rather than interest, and she had stopped asking questions-- only staring on with an absentminded gaze. In her head, she was several miles back down the road, wandering through that old house and wondering at what mysteries and hidden treasures it might have in store for her.
  Karl knew there was no going back on what he had said in the car. It was obvious that she didn't care for any of the other houses, and he could see that she was barely giving them half a thought of consideration. He could tell just by the goofy expression on her face that he had trapped himself into purchasing that forsaken monstrosity of a building.

  Just as the sun began to greet the western horizon, casting deep orange and pink hues throughout the evening sky, Karl and Katrin found themselves driving back up the dusty dirt drive of the old house. Giant clouds of dirt followed after them, painted by the sun.
  "Aren't you excited?" Katrin said, biting at her lower lip to suppress her widening grin.
  "Not as excited as I am afraid." Karl replied playfully, masking his true concern about what he was getting himself into.
  "Oh, stop it." she said as she gave his shoulder a light push.

  The car was stopped a few meters before the porch, and as they exited the vehicle, Karl's knee buckled suddenly, causing him to stumble forward. He managed to catch himself on the side-view mirror and prevent himself from hitting the dirt.
  Katrin dashed around the front of the car with a worried look.
  "Are you okay?" she said, her voice heavy with concern.
  "Yeah-- yeah, I'm alright." he replied, standing up straight again. Karl suddenly noticed how oddly nervous he actually was. He looked up at the old house and took in the sight of it as though it were the first time. The old house seemed to glare back at him, striking a deep fear within him. Though the fear did not penetrate his demeanor, it did cause his mind to withdraw in panic.
  He was afraid.

  "Karl? Are you sure you're okay?" Katrin said, walking up to touch his face, holding it in her hands tenderly.
  "What? Oh, yes. Yes." he replied, snapping away from her a bit as his mind crashed forward again. He hadn't realised he was staring at the house for several seconds.
  "I don't believe you. Tell me what's wrong." she said, taking hold of his face again and looking over it worriedly, as if trying to read his thoughts.
  He brought his own hands up to grab her wrists, gently pulling her hands away from his cheeks.
"No, really. I'm fine. I'm probably just tired from the drive," he said, "It's been a long day after all."
  She scrunched her lips to one side and stared at him. She didn't buy his excuse, but she knew he wasn't going to say anything more.
  "If you say so." she said with a voice of disapproval. She stepped away from him to look at the house and her mood brightened instantly. "It's going to be beautiful."
  "If you say so, indeed." he replied flatly. His doubt could be heard clearly in his words.

[to be completed]

Hell Rising / Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 10:08:37 PM 10/22/13 »
I've compiled maps with added coordinates for the tiles. Enjoy.

Map of Serling
Map of Serling Sewer System

If I made a mistake, do point it out.

General Discussion / Spoiler function?
« on: 03:14:21 AM 10/22/13 »
Dear Mo,

Many forums I have gone to have had a spoiler function. If this forum has one then I have not found it.

What a spoiler function does is allow you to hide text that one must view by pressing a button within the post. This is often used to hide and/or organise large walls of text as well, to keep from overwhelming the reader.

Here is an image of me demonstrating the spoiler function on another forum I visit that has it:
The last line is what a spoiler looks like when it is not opened.

I don't know how easy it would be to add a spoiler function to this forum, but it has always greatly improved forum experiences and I request that you look into it.

[spoiler]ADD A SPOILER MO[/spoiler]

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