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Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 12:07:35 AM 10/28/13 »
Well, I suppose it does do what it says. Because whenever I try to view an image on there, all I get is a tiny pic.

Someone doesn't know how to 'view raw image'.

But I agree. It is apparently shit at hosting large resolution files.

Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 12:01:07 AM 10/28/13 »
That's because tinypic is terrible.

I've used it for years and it's never failed me until now.

Also, you're terrible.

Hell Rising / Re: Item Suggestions
« on: 11:58:42 PM 10/27/13 »
But what if there's 6 zombies?

Wood stock makes a nice club.

Hell Rising / Re: Item Suggestions
« on: 11:31:42 PM 10/27/13 »
I have only one true post-apocalyptic love:

Hell Rising / Re: Revive points need to make a comeback.
« on: 11:24:44 PM 10/27/13 »
Considering this is a 2x2 neighbourhood map, I don't see why Bleach Street (500,500)  shouldn't be the rev/dev spot.

Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 11:22:34 PM 10/27/13 »
It does not show at full resolution to me. I don't know why.

Hell Rising / Re: Item Suggestions
« on: 11:08:37 PM 10/27/13 »
I'm not necessarily saying the vaguely named assault rifle is a real gun, or based on a real gun. Just it's like plausible.

[10:00:50 PM] *****: mary's probably going to show me 15 round stripper clips that you use to load STANAG magazines

That stripper clip is used for loading a detachable magazine. Conventional stripper clips are for loading fixed magazines and are standardised at 5 and 10 rounds.

I still don't think adding a few more guns would make it that difficult to find ammunition. No more difficult than finding anything else already. If anything it would even the human dynamic out a bit.

Hell Rising / Re: Item Suggestions
« on: 10:42:30 PM 10/27/13 »
The guns hold 6 rounds, so obviously it's some sort of revolver with a moonclip, and the assault rifle could be something like an SKS with a stripper clip.

You're makin' pretty big assumptions here :kid:
Show me a stripper clip that holds 15 rounds. There's a good chance I'm wrong, but I've never encountered one.

I find it hard to believe a shotgun is going to do less damage than any sort of single rifle round. I mean at range, sure (long range), but in a game where battles are frequently at the range of right next to one another. Shotgun should do big damage.
Justification: Slugs. Not Pellets.
Besides, who is to say the shotgun shells you find aren't just birdshot? Now who's assuming?

PS: To actually comment on your suggestions: While I do like the idea of more weapon variety, it'd just stagnate the item pools even further, and would make finding the ammo that you're looking for even harder.
It's not that difficult to find ammo to begin with. I've yet to have trouble. Maybe make the stronger weapons more rare.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:30:05 PM 10/27/13 »
Completely random suggestion: Modular profile avatars.

As in, Mo pixel art's up some templates that you could freely switch around. It might interfere with some players' descriptions, but on the other hand there are countless amounts of templates you can put up to accommodate them. The base template could even change around depending on what race you are.

Maybe even make it so that it is directly affected by what your character is actually wearing. Maybe incorporate a list of drop-down menus for customising your avatar, like choosing which weapon you want your human avatar to be holding.

It would probably stump some people's imaginations but it would be a hell of a cool feature and spice up the profile page. I've always felt something like this was fitting for HR/SW.

Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 04:57:18 PM 10/27/13 »
Your maps are now available on the wiki.

Ew. Why would you do that?

Hell Rising / Item Suggestions
« on: 12:05:58 AM 10/27/13 »
I remember a while back that Mo said items were the easiest thing for him to change. I'm making this thread to spew out ideas, big and small, regarding adding or changing items.

Here are mine:
Minor Suggestion:
1. MAGAZINES, NOT CLIPS, MO. Even just 'Mag' is acceptable. I remember you said you didn't want them to get confused with the reading material, but seriously, no one ever would do that.

Minor Suggestion:
2. More historical weapons/armour  found in museums if they do not already exist:

= Rename 'Spear' to 'Stone Spear'
+ Iron Spear - 3-6 dmg, 17%/47% accuracy
+ Longsword - 4-5 dmg, 20%/50% accuracy
+ Arming Sword - 3-5 dmg, 22%/52% accuracy

+ Great Helm
+ Iron Helmet
+ Chain Armor/"Hauberk"
+ Breastplate/"Cuirass"

+ Tunic

Major Suggestion:
3a. I find that the Assault Rifle is a pretty wonky weapon. I never use it for its inconsistency, and I find it to be ultimately inefficient in comparison to melee weapons or the shotgun.

How's about some variety to fill in the gaps:

Pistol = 4-6 dmg, 7 rounds, 30%/60% accuracy - Pistol Mag
Shotgun = 8-12 dmg, 6 rounds, 20%/50% accuracy - Shotgun Shells
Sub-machine gun/"SMG" = 4-6 dmg, 16 rounds, 25%/55% accuracy - SMG Mag
Bolt-action rifle/"Hunting Rifle" = 7-14 dmg, 10 rounds, 20%/50% accuracy - Rifle Clip
Assault Rifle = 6-10 dmg, 20 rounds, 25%/55% accuracy - Rifle Mag
Long rifle = 5-10 dmg, 1 round, 10%/40% accuracy - Rifle Cartridge - found in a museum, found in stacks
Blunderbuss = 11-21 dmg, 1 round, 1%/31% accuracy - Scrap Metal - found in a museum, ammo found in industrial sites (Work Sites, Factories, etc) and in stacks

3b. Firearm skill changes:

 √ Target Practice - 15% better chance to hit with firearms.
    √ Field Training - 10% better chance to hit with Bolt-action rifles, Shotguns and Long rifles.
       √ Adv. Field Training - 5% better chance to hit with Bolt-action rifles, Shotguns and Long rifles.
    √ Urban Training - 10% better chance to hit with Pistols, Assault rifles, SMGs and Blunderbusses.
       √ Adv. Urban Training - 5% better chance to hit with Pistols, Assault rifles and SMGs and Blunderbusses.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:45:59 PM 10/26/13 »
I might still hold the record for highest bloodlust, if it hasn't been changed since then.

Ah, I knew I still had these somewhere.

That was a fun day.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:49:47 AM 10/26/13 »
Let's test this! :D

molh394 ¦ Level 31 Vampire.
Group: Cleansed in Blood
Rank: Embraced Kindred

Now it all makes sense.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:25:10 AM 10/26/13 »
Seriously, have vampire skills been changed? I'm basing my views on what I know to be true circa 2012. That said:

First of all: I'm not a human player. I don't believe we've met until I've returned to the game recently. I am a pro-my-own-group player.

Second of all: You're basing all of your ideas and opinions on the lack of actual players, not game mechanics. Just because there aren't that many vampire players does not mean that vampires need the game to be tailored for them.

Third of all: Vampires are meant to play as loners; they have the skills to survive on their own without the help of other players. This is a direct contrast to humans and zombies who are group and mob-based creatures.

The problem with vampires is that there are no competent or high-level vampires playing, from what I can see. If any of you have the misfortune of turning either myself, Berz or Rusty into a vampire, you will wish vampires didn't exist.

What you're showing is complete bias toward one creature. What I am showing is complete objectivity. The only unbalance in the game as it stands now is within player distribution, not within game mechanics. In fact, if we had 20 each of humans, vampires and zombies, vampires would very quickly begin to dominate since each of those vampires have the capability to survive on their own while the others do not.

In short: If you want to help vampires so much, start a pro-vampire group and get some people in. Then get your levels up. That is literally all you need to do.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:53:10 AM 10/26/13 »
That's assuming that the whole point in cading is to fight against vampires, which is no longer true.
The point of barricading is to stop the undead from waltzing through the door and eating your face. Which is exactly what vampires would be able to do if they could climb through barricades of any level-- making the barricade useless.

Make a suggestion for them thenn! There's no reason why all suggestions have to benefit alll races, you know.
I don't need to make a suggestion for zombies to the effect of yours because they don't need one any less than vampires do in this regard.

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