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No seriously join it.

General Discussion / Re: Do you art
« on: 02:34:01 PM 01/04/14 »
I dabble. I can do caricatures better than I can anything else. I get told I'm fairly talented but I'm also my worst critic.

I'm also rubbish at drawing on the fly; I normally need something to base off of, which is comical given how creative I can be.

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 04:13:53 PM 01/03/14 »
As far as what kind of undead you turn into goes, I was thinking it be directly related to what skills and abilities you have as a human. That way levelling up as a human would have a purpose (beyond becoming a better human player) since you wouldn't be able to do it as undead. It also makes sense for your human traits to carry over and morph into undead traits. This is of course going along with the human-centric game version.

It would make it so that people sort of retain their play-style even when transformed, and hopefully prevent people from feeling like they've been screwed by turning undead like people tend to think now when they get yanked from their preferred race. You could have zombies and vampires separated by specific criteria that govern which of the two you turn into based on what abilities you have as a human--which would of course mean you need formulas for this kind of thing.

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 11:07:05 PM 01/02/14 »
@Tyr i get what you mean regarding humans but it really wouldn't feel true undead horror game style then since traditionally survivors are outnumbered in such things. I guess you're aware of that though.
I figured it would be supplemented with loads of neat-o undead NPCs and whatever incarnation players take on.

Maybe steal L4D's ideas and have players transform into special infected with unique abilities that parallel their human class with hordes of ordinary undead NPCs roaming around on top.

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 09:08:16 PM 01/02/14 »
If you were to push the undead part of the game to the sidelines and make human the main gig it would certainly make focusing on fun much easier as you wouldn't have to worry about balance as much. It would also completely change (I think) how this game is played and how it's seen, which wouldn't necessary be a bad thing at this point.

Personally, I think following along with what Berz and Leon were saying would be the better option, albeit the more difficult one: that is to say, creating more depth with classes and abilities instead of everyone becoming the same zomconglomeration of a beast in the end.

Changing the game to be more human oriented would be an interesting idea, but it would remove a lot of the uniqueness this game has as well--maybe, anyway. There is always the chance you have some hidden genius as far as ideas to spice up the game goes.

It's a toss-up for me. I'm all for change in the end regardless.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 10:39:33 PM 12/24/13 »
Attacked a Snowman and suddenly the page whites out with just
Unknown column 'kills_' in 'field list'
And then it tells me "something has succumbed to your infection" (I'm a Zombie), the Snowman being the only thing I'd attacked in over 24 hours, yet it was still standing. I hit it one more time and then it died.

Pretty funky.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestion: Safety Deposit Boxes
« on: 05:05:37 PM 12/22/13 »
You are my idol, Mary.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestion: Safety Deposit Boxes
« on: 04:19:39 PM 12/22/13 »
I turned it over in my head for a while and I've come to a no. Bad idea.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 01:27:53 AM 12/21/13 »

Someone told me that if you die to statuses (burning, infection) as a Vampire you get turned into a Zombie. Is this true, and if so, is this intentional?

Hell Rising / Re: The god forsaken Wiki
« on: 10:14:02 PM 12/20/13 »
Oh. Would you be okay with someone hosting it for you/us?

I realise wikia is doing that already but I'd rather be sure. Or would that not work for reasons?

Hell Rising / Re: The god forsaken Wiki
« on: 08:23:42 PM 12/20/13 »
Plus I'm not sure how we'd handle the extra load.
Would a wiki actually be that stressful? Honest question.

Hell Rising / Re: The god forsaken Wiki
« on: 08:00:56 PM 12/20/13 »
As for what happened, people stopped updating it so I hosted it off-site to save space/resources.
Well. If you host it again I can promise you I'll be all over it. Others have stated as much as well.

Hell Rising / Re: The god forsaken Wiki
« on: 07:53:51 PM 12/20/13 »
I hate wikia. Whatever happened to the old wiki?

Hell Rising / Re: Skeleton Skill Suggestions
« on: 08:21:07 PM 12/19/13 »

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:46:52 AM 12/19/13 »
So, at what rate?

It takes roughly 2 hours to gain 50 AP from 0 AP.

If AP to stand were to be reduced by half to 5 AP (8 for resisting revives) after 2 hours being dead, I'd consider it reasonable.

The main issue with death is that people were capable of standing repeatedly immediately after dying, and that would still be remedied if AP to stand was to be halved after 2 hours.

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