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Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 07:13:24 PM 09/22/14 »

Does different mechanics fall under the same blanket as features?

There was a post in the previous thread about a suppressed gun that would make no sound or less sound than a normal gun. Does that count as a new feature or are things like that fine to suggest?

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting "Recipe" Suggestions
« on: 07:09:38 PM 09/20/14 »
"People occasionally light bats on fire" is not misinformation
In the context of weapons, which this is about, yes it is.
and I'm not sure why you're being so nutty.
Because you're trying to play it off like you weren't inadvertently spreading misinformation.

Anyway, crafting suggestion time over. I'll just make shit up I guess.
So we don't get a response to our questions or suggestions? This is exactly the problem and why I didn't make a post until Akhart piqued my interest, and why a lot of others haven't or aren't going to.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting "Recipe" Suggestions
« on: 06:31:05 PM 09/20/14 »
You're actually saying "people do what they see in games". You're full of shit. XD

Talk about misinformation.

Incorrect. I'm saying "people believe what they read".

I've seen my fair share of people seriously hurt themselves from using information they've accumulated from media of all types. I've seen normally intelligent people suffer it, and I've seen the special kind of idiot you'd usually expect suffer it.

Not that I'm saying we should start soft-padding the entire game, because this game obviously employs a thick layer of padding in the form of humour. I'm just saying I hate misinformation that is as straightforward as what you claimed. Don't be surprised when you try to justify something like that with a small pool of google images and then get slapped with facts for it.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting "Recipe" Suggestions
« on: 05:23:21 PM 09/20/14 »
I could find photos of people holding burning bats (admittedly just to look like a badass while being stupid) and stills from TV/movie stuff. And yeah, I said "occasionally" as in "not often".
Misinformation is the one thing I have no tolerance for. That single statement convinced at least 20 lurkers that lighting bats on fire is actually a good idea, and that's 20 more people that make my RL job a pain in the ass.

My point was, flaming weapons are not a real thing. If you want them in the game, that's up to you, I won't bitch about them and I haven't. At least until someone inevitably implies they have any relevance to reality.

I don't want it to become a thing where we can't ask people to give suggestions because it'll always end up in everyone being unhappy.
You're going to upset people no matter what you add or change in the game. That's just how game development works. The frustration sets in for me when there's almost no feedback from you guys. There's literally 5 of us here and we almost never get an answer to our questions or a yes/no to our suggestions.

It would be easier to suggest if we knew the full limitations on suggestions. I asked a question previously as to if a particular feature was possible with the system. I'm still waiting on a response to that, because it opens or closes the door to a lot of possibilities.

Regarding the surgical kit, I disagree with how it only requires other healing items. It's a surgical kit. Throw in some of those junk items you find in hospitals. Plastic gloves, a scalpel, other things. Make it heal 50 HP.

transparency is bad.
[spoiler]sjw detected[/spoiler]

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting "Recipe" Suggestions
« on: 05:10:28 AM 09/20/14 »
As for the burning axe, people actually light bats on fire. You know, occasionally.

... No, they don't. Maybe a handful of weirdos in the history of stupidity.

Baseball bats are often treated, it is very hard to ignite them. If you did manage to ignite a baseball bat, you will have zero luck trying to light someone on fire while hitting them. You would have to use the bat as a glorified torch and hold it to their clothes long enough for a flame to catch.

A flaming baseball bat would be useless at best and structurally compromised at worst. You are more likely to hurt yourself with a bat than anyone else. How the hell would you even swing it? You wouldn't be able to bring it close enough to your body to execute an effective swing. It's on fire.

A flaming fire axe is no less silly than a flaming baseball bat. Under no circumstance would an intelligent person light their weapon on fire, be it an axe, a bat, or a sword.


Hell Rising / Re: Crafting "Recipe" Suggestions
« on: 04:40:16 PM 09/19/14 »
Pistol + Length of Pipe + ??? = A pistol that's harder to hear?
I suggest a slight change:
[applicable firearm] + pipe + 4 rags = [suppressed firearm]

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting "Recipe" Suggestions
« on: 03:07:47 AM 09/19/14 »
[material (rags?)] + [applicable blade weapon] = blade weapon with +5% accuracy
be a possible recipe/result? If it doesn't exist similarly already. And I think blunt weapons deal too high damage for increased accuracy.

... On that note,

Could it be made so weapons present their effects? So, for example:

Fire Axe [A]

For a fire axe with Accuracy applied. B for bleed, F for burn, C for chill, whatever else.

The Slime Pit / Re: Look-a dis thing
« on: 06:50:34 PM 09/04/14 »
I'd say you should seriously consider it. Maybe as a weekly thing rather than a daily thing. A few others and I have agreed your voice and tone is quality for sure.

The people I know to do solo podcasts usually just rant, or near the end they propose a topic for discussion that they then reply to the week after, and they've achieved relative success with that alone.

I think you have enough of a comedic jib to make it into something for sure.

The Slime Pit / Re: Look-a dis thing
« on: 03:54:57 AM 09/04/14 »
Have you ever done/considered getting into podcasts?

Whats your excuse for not joining yet?

Which it wouldn't be if people joined it.

Imagine that.

Why haven't all of you joined yet

Not like you'd have to accept friend requests. Just join it, hop in the chat when you feel like chatting. If anyone legitimately bothers you I can slap them.

The Slime Pit / Re: Look-a dis thing
« on: 09:07:36 PM 08/29/14 »
Props for finally being a commentator whose voice doesn't grate my brain.

I don't have a youtube account but I'll be a regular viewer.

But why?
Group chat mainly. The ability to actually contact people also helps. Easier community management, even if not necessary.

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