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Hell Rising / Re: Bugs (IM SO SORRY)
« on: 02:41:33 PM 11/22/14 »
You're a saint and a scholar Mammon sir.

Hell Rising / Re: Bugs (IM SO SORRY)
« on: 12:53:50 AM 11/22/14 »
Terrified and dazed are still broken, terrified in the fact that it won't wear off much like dazed and whenever you try to attack the page doesn't refresh an you're stuck looking at a white screen.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:25:50 PM 11/21/14 »
Make a skill that boost a humans chance to successfully cade if another human is in the same building as them. That'd be nice. Also some option to like fortify a building so that it has specific bonuses for all human players inside, like a watchtower allowing players to see outside without going out or bonuses to cade and repair.

Hell Rising / Re: Cringeworthy- Mo Edition
« on: 01:48:59 PM 11/21/14 »
Mo's actual voice

Hell Rising / Re: Climb in/Climb Out?
« on: 03:45:55 PM 10/23/14 »
I can see the point of the climb in deal but RTRing still let's people get in with ease, also climb in is useful for the fort and all that jazz

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 04:42:15 PM 09/22/14 »
Just remove it and deny that it ever existed

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 04:29:08 PM 09/22/14 »
Please make the new areas more rural and outdoorsy than the rest of the map, I would love you forever if you did :hurr:

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 04:24:23 PM 09/22/14 »
I have a quite a few I've been waiting to say
Cease and Desist: Police Baton taser scrap metal, must be in the PD to craft, does 4-5 damage.
Makeshift Blunderbuss: Lead pipe, traffic cone, scrap metal, high damage but low accuracy, one shot reload.
Blunderbuss Ammo: Shotgun shells, Box of Nails, scrap metal, makes 2 or 3 shots.
The Infector: lead pipe scrap metal and slime, craftable in the sewers. 2-4 damage, chance to infect enemies.
Sentry gun: Bit of a stretch, 3 lead pipes, car battery, Assault rifle, digital camera, 3 assault rifle clips. Acts as a hostile NPC that automatically fires at anyone stepping on the square.
Shank: Scrap metal and rag, 2-3 damage, 55 accuracy, chance to bleed.

Hell Rising / Re: Bugs (IM SO SORRY)
« on: 08:18:37 PM 08/29/14 »
Not my fault they're unable to survive high speed collisions with a building, they have to learn somehow.

Hell Rising / Re: Bugs (IM SO SORRY)
« on: 01:43:51 PM 08/28/14 »
If someone can see what's wrong with this groups allies list you win.

Hell Rising / Re: Serling Map with Coordinates
« on: 03:24:58 PM 08/24/14 »
Bumpin it

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 03:16:39 AM 07/06/14 »
Vamps are easy mode, playing a human is where all the challenge is!

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 05:37:41 PM 07/05/14 »
My living what? ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME!?

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 05:15:03 PM 07/05/14 »
They're some sort of social experiment I KNOW THEY ARE

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