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Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 11:35:54 PM 08/11/16 »
Oh yeah, you can wear it but I was hoping, with such a cool name and concept as Engulfing Flames that it would have a chance of Inflicting burning for a turn on things that attack you. I'm not sure if that's a thing but I've been hit quite abit with it on and it's not doing that so im inclined to say it does nothing past getting worn.

Bit off topic from the original thread topic but Engulfing flames should totally have a chance of inflicting burning for a turn if the dmg is high enough. Imo.

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 10:13:21 AM 08/11/16 »
At this point i'm assuming it's just a helmet with no defensive properties or anything else special (even though it should totally have defense) so im really trying to craft it for bragging rights xD.

Also i just want to complain a bit about Engulfing Flames. I'm pretty sure it does absolutely fuck all. WHY HATH THOU FORSAKETH ME?

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 02:41:00 PM 08/10/16 »
Thank you.

This is going to take alot of work.

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 06:02:15 AM 08/10/16 »
I'll only ask one question about the item in question, is it a drop?

Hell Rising / Re: What kind of device do you use to play HR?
« on: 06:31:09 AM 08/05/16 »
My Desktop PC or my mac if i can't be fucked getting out of bed.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 06:30:24 AM 08/05/16 »
Well i can still sometimes jump to very poor repair buildings. BUT. It's only when they're one repair away from poor. Could be using wrong restriction system in the code?

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 01:43:44 AM 08/05/16 »
You're all nuts.

Thats a good reason to do it? :D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:48:53 AM 08/05/16 »
I wouldn't say things should break forever, but maybe they'd become "(Broken)" next to their name and be ineffectual until repair at a Hardware Store or Factory/Warehouse or something.

I'm in favor of that system.

Do we want more unceartinity in weapons? Maybe jamming or whatever can be an alternative to a firearm "breaking" to encourage having more ARs at once. But if the same is done fore shotguns lets say, it might make them significantly worse. SGs are low capacity high damage and take a shitton of ap to reload. So its pretty vital not to have them jam. Maybe there can be conditions - so like a prefect condition sg has 0% chance of jamming and a god awful one has like 90%

throwing out some huge MAYBES here

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:14:42 AM 08/04/16 »
I think a durability on weapons would be good. Also a way to repair them. Maybe they have x amount of uses before they break and you can repair them at any time with the proper materials. Maybe you could repair a shotgun but finding another shotgun, stripping it for an ap and then repairing for another ap. or 2.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 12:43:05 PM 08/02/16 »
Two things i just found.

#1 - While rooftop running around i was able to enter a building in very poor condition from a perfect condition one. Has something changed or is this a bug?

#2 - I can exit buildings that are "Heavily Barricaded" for 1 AP simply by clicking on the building as opposed to using the climb out button.

Hell Rising / Re: We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 02:02:10 AM 08/02/16 »
perhaps it should be limited to 1 per case? Just for balance. Its good as a utility thing but storing 30 charges in a case it wacked

Hell Rising / Re: We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 06:11:21 PM 08/01/16 »
Oh Jesus this is wonderful. Thanks devs + dude who posted this <3

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:04:32 AM 07/28/16 »
How about a graveyard where you can bury players who have been inactive for long enough (like a few months or a year) and once you bury them you get a nametag or some sort of item that you can wear and it displays that persons name.

Completely unnecessary to the game but it's nice to reminisce.

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