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Hell Rising / Re: [Story] - Wasteland Nurse
« on: 03:14:03 PM 04/12/16 »
Ep 3. Medical Roots

The usual rain pelted Cairath’s body, her makeup smeared into a depressing mask of different colours, her lab coat sticking to her, the woman following the lonely path past corpses and garbage. Before her stood a tall building, an old and broken sign uttering ‘Martin Hospital.” She went to enter the hospital, a lightning strike flashing before her and nearly blinding the woman.

What was a destroyed gate was now a shining steel, clearly recently painted. The dark and clouded sky was now a shining bright azure with the sun granting a warm spotlight on the world. Baffled by this, Cairath looked down upon herself. The bloodied lab coat was now clearly new, her fingernails having their manicure recently done. The overture of gunshots, shallow moans and screams now changed to the chirp of birds and the chatter of people. She looked to her side and saw a few people walk past by her, entering the hospital. She entered the hospital as well, amazed at the high quality of the doors.

A calm woman sat at secretary desk, granting Cairath a swift and welcoming nod, reality striking as the secretary flashed to nothing but a skeleton for a second. Cairath shook her head and nodded back to the woman, walking down the busy hallway and eyeing the patients and staff of the hospital. They all seemed alive and clean, something that in Serling became nothing more than a beautiful dream. Some stopped and greeted her with muffled voices, all addressing her as ‘doctor’.

An office presented itself at the corner of the hallway, a familiar one. It was but a small room with a desk and a few pieces of furniture, Cairath sitting on the side of the desk and picking up a wooden frame. It presented a young beautiful woman, someone she respected, someone she used to know, her thumb running against the glass pane over the photo. That was an old memory, someone who died a long time ago. “You were a fair benevolent saint…” Placing the frame back on the clean, mahogany desk, she stood up

Something drew her towards the cut off section of the hospital, the woman walking through the rubbish and past the patients, shoving a ‘staff only’ door aside and entering a morgue soon enough. The scent of death was evident, as was that of embalming fluid, a few morgue technicians walking about the place and each taking care of certain things, pushing corpses about the place and arranging the morgue.

Before Cairath stood a handsome young man in doctor’s garb, smiling at her “Darling, come join me.” He asked, tilting his head and holding his hand out. Cairath took a few steps, her eyes flashing once more to reality, the handsome man now a defiled vampire wearing bloodied clothing. He had an open maw and gave out a maniacal cackle, holding a syringe. “Don’t be afraid, we’ll be together, like we always wanted.” Despite his terrifying look, his voice was still smooth and calming, Cairath closing her eyes as she approached him.

That’s right, out there is a cold place, come, let’s finally be together.” He said reaching towards her as well, the two embracing in a hug. It was a strange scene, the truth being that this was a decrepit place closed off to house quite a lot of monstrosities, blood drooling creatures with maws agape screeching around them.

I’m sorry Daniel.” She said, holding on tightly to the monstrosity, a loud blast heard as she blew a hole right into the defiled surgeon, making him slump down to the ground. Cairath’s monotonous and somewhat arrogant tone was a broken, crackling voice now. “I’m sorry…” Shooting once more in the creature’s head. This did not go unnoticed by the other monsters that rushed Cairath. She shot quite a few of them, all before tossing the shotgun aside and using her bladed weapon to hack and slash through them.

By the end of it, she looked more like a monster than they did, the woman taking out a picture and setting it on the corpse of the monstrous surgeon. The picture displayed the staff of a certain hospital, all smiling, she was one of them. “Goodnight, sweet prince, your princess will forever long for another lover like you.” Were her departing words.

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 01:43:50 PM 04/12/16 »
Q_Q It did make an inkling of sense, apparently they already tried every helmet around and a skull

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 11:51:35 AM 04/12/16 »
I'm guessing it would be the gas mask, provided the coughing.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:31:18 PM 04/06/16 »

  • The ability to tear apart most articles of clothing into rags. One would be able with minimal effort to turn a t-shirt into a pile of rags that would then be turned into bandages when unable to make it to a hospital or when raiding a clothing shop.
  • The ability to break down guns such as assault rifles into scrap using pliers. One might find themselves finding a lot of these weapons and simply tossing them away.
  • A craft-able crossbow with bolts, a staple of a survivalist's arsenal.

Hell Rising / Ep 2
« on: 02:59:13 PM 04/04/16 »
Ep 2. Making an Impression

The rain never stopped, weather was a beating stick in Serling. Serling was a cold mistress, bitter and cold, she doesn’t have a bedtime story for you so bring your own! Insanity often plagued the survivors of this land and Cairath wasn’t any different, the woman now holding out a folded map and looking for a close by gun shop. Once the woman pinpointed such a location she folded the map and shoved it into one of the overflowing pockets of her lab coat.

The approach to the shop was littered with corpses, a giant chain link fence wrapped around it to protect it from any and all daring to enter it. It took Cairath a bit to find a way in, deciding to lean from an adjacent building. She walked into a rather tall building that neighbored the gun store, shoving garbage aside as she prepared herself for the jump.

The woman started sprinting, reaching the ledge of a balcony and jumping off towards the gun store, managing to reach the rooftop and stumble down on it, falling on her back. Staring at the dark sky, the woman huffed a bit and sighed in relief, scurrying to her feet and satchels the weights she was carrying.

Lights were on and someone was definitely in this gun shop, the woman sneaking by carefully downstairs before hearing a ‘click’. “I don’t know what you want, but I’m giving you ten seconds to explain before I shoot you.” Was said by a woman holding an assault rifle, aimed directly at Cairath.

I just want some shotgun shells, I’ll take those and leave, I promise.” Cairath responded, standing ever so slowly up to reveal that she did not hold any weapons in her hand. “Yeah right, the moment I turn my back on you, you’ll shoot me…” The other woman followed up, only to hear a pathetic moan and a plea from the other room “V, please, grab me some water, I’m very thirsty.

V kept her weapon pointed at Cairath, uttering “Go get some water from that sink, now.” The nurse followed each command, having to take a glass of water to a man in a bed, the man thanking her. “You seem awfully sick.” Cairath muttered out, turning to V “He’s got a severe infection, but I can help treat him.” The tension was mighty high, a knife able to cut through it before the man followed up with “V… she has good intentions, let her do it.

Nearly angered by this, the woman holding the gun pointed towards the man with her elbow “Fine, but if you try something, you’re dead.” Cairath took out a rather small vial and a syringe, siphoning liquid from the vial and reaching the man’s arm.

What do you think you’re doing?” Shouted V, nearly shooting the woman. Cairath did not even flinch, granting the two of them a cold glance “It’s an intravenous antibiotic, it will help cure him.” All before sticking the needle in the man’s arm and delivering the medication. The nurse stood up and placed two tiny bottles of medication and a roll of bandages on the nightstand next to the man “Administer these as you see fit and he’ll be better, may I have my shotgun shells now?”

V pointed towards some cabinets, nodding lightly before heading to tend to the man further. Cairath collected her shotgun shells and then went back to the rooftop to leave, only to hear a faint “Thank you” Shouted from the lower levels. Taking a head start, she leaped over into the other balcony once more.

Who was that?” The man asked, his fever starting to die off and his nose starting to work properly. “I… I don’t know dear.” Replied V, petting the coughing man’s head and looking down at something the visitor dropped. It appeared to be a Polaroid with the woman stating a phone number and some other information, “KILL ON SIGHT” stamped over it.

Hell Rising / [Story] - Wasteland Nurse
« on: 05:12:21 PM 04/02/16 »
Ep. 1: Making an Entrance

Isolation takes its toll on everyone, even the buildings and streets. Crumbling structures with several layers of graffiti lined the streets of Serling, the gentle symphony of nature shredded to pieces by the combined chorus of moans, screams and gunshots that littered Serling.

The scraping noise of metal on metal was heard from an auto shop, an old neon sign barely able to sprinkle a spark out every now and then, displaying a wrench splayed across “Tweak’s Auto Shop”. “Junk, junk and more junk.” Were the words that echoed through its garage, a short and spindly figure moved about old toolboxes with its stubby arms, searching for anything that would be of use. A wrench was tossed aside, as were several objects, now piling at the feet of this scavenger.

They brushed next to an old, rusted out car carcass, its glove compartment opening up to reveal a bunch of old crumpled up papers. Shined under the dim light of a hand lamp, they appeared to be nothing more than someone’s old memories, a shopping list and a picture of a family. These joined the rubbish on the ground, their only use being that of a depressing reminder.

Such ruckus could not go unnoticed, the door of the auto shop swinging wide open under the hard soles of a brute of a man. “Say your prayers.” Said the brute, now seeking for the survivor. With such a threat, the survivor quickly went to hide in a cupboard, closing the door and breathing slowly, footsteps closing in almost on beat with their heartbeat.

Come out and I’ll make it quick.” Said the hunter, holding a variety of weaponry, a gaze from the survivor confirming that this individual was an armored guard employed by Mantis, paid in cold hard cash to ‘clean’ Serling. Their brutish hands swung across the top of the cupboard that the survivor was hiding it, throwing tools, alongside rusted scrap metal to the ground.

Fine, we’ll do it the hard way.” They chuckled out, only to follow up with “What the?” And a loud shot that shook our survivor to their core. Blood seeped through the cracks of their makeshift hideout’s doors, the slumped body of the Mantis soldier leaning against it. It was kicked aside, falling into a pool of its own blood with a loud thud, the door swinging open lightly.

Who killed them? Were they hostile? The survivor decided to stay inside the cupboard initially, all before a female voice was heard spewing out “You can loot his body if you wish.” Before that of footsteps leaving. The survivor came out of their hiding place to reach out towards the woman, uttering “Thank you.

With a swift turn around, the female chucked the man a piece of paper, giving him a delightful wave. They lifted their lamp to read the piece of paper and to get a better glance at the woman. The paper was a makeshift greeting card, “Cairath, Wasteland Nurse.” She was a towering woman with a slender figure, a long lab coat draped over her and stained by blood, both old and new. Her pockets were overflowing with medical equipment, her hair a radiant blonde with blood splattered into it much akin to paint, her face displaying a twisted grin, a pair of glasses on her nose. On her back was an overly long shotgun, at her waist a long blade with a hook tip and in her hand a Lazarix case, clearly full of serum vials.

Cairath turned around, calming making her exit. Once outside, the woman looked up at the sky, releasing a “Perfect.” In the most sarcastic tone possible, a drizzle cleansing the land and drenching the woman to the bone, her hair flattened against her head for now.

Walking in the middle of the street was considered suicide, zombie runners often accosting survivors and vampires waiting on every corner to take hold of someone and suck them down until they were but a shriveled up corpse. She did not fear such a fate, instead trekking forth as the rain got worse and worse, delivering curses under her breath.

Her left hand held on to the case of precious vials whilst her right hand held the lab coat closed nearly in vain, the wind adamant on undressing her. While such a cold pervert would often find themselves being administered a more than lethal dose of fast lead, the woman found shelter inside a rather large building.

Citizen One Bank” was the sign the woman walked past, old bank notes sprawled all over the ground, clearly hinting towards the initial bout of looting. A loud shiver went down her spine, the wind howling through the cracks in the wall. A few old chairs and a desk were still around, perfect for a fire, or at least in her mind.

Breaking these apart, she shoved them to the ground and created a camp fire in the middle of the bank, taking off her lab coat and setting it on the side of the fire, the woman now left in a pair of black lace undergarment, complete with a garter belt and stockings. Sitting down by the fire, she warmed herself, unaware of what was creeping in the darkness.

It was but a bloodlusting brainless Botox enhanced bride, a white veil still upon her head, her skin as pale as the moon and her claws reaching to the ground, scratching it lightly. With her red gaze set upon Cairath, it charged towards the near naked woman.

Cairath stepped to the side, tripping the woman with her blade, chopping off her left foot. A loud thud followed as the vampire fell to the ground, Cairath’s foot driven into the creature’s upper back as she took out the shotgun, holding it to the back of the struggling woman’s head. The green glow of her wristwatch painted her face, Cairath uttering “Time of death...

The shotgun howled louder than the vampire did as it blasted into their skull, turning their cortex to pudding, Cairath uttering “9:05 PM” Before kicking the corpse aside, sighing and sitting down by the fire. Click and click went the locks of the Lazarix case, a vial shoved into an injector and then shoved into the vampire’s back “You’ll be sore in the morning, but you’ll thank me.

Being just as twisted as the monsters outside, Cairath took the chopped off foot and held it over the fire, most likely with the intent to eat it, only to have a silly ringtone to disturb her. “I’ve got an infected friend at Mariners Hospital, please assist!”, the woman deciding to ignore it initially, her hand twitching as it reached towards the walkie talkie.

Eaugh.” She said in disgust, tossing the leg on the fire and taking the still wet lab coat and responding “I’m on it.” Before packing up and leaving, not before writing her name in the blood on the ground.

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 05:43:57 AM 04/02/16 »
I feel a bit guilty for people killing themselves to werewolves though o-o

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 08:43:50 PM 04/01/16 »
Dreams never die. Speak your mind, act upon your words and show that you care, alongside some other useless word tat and spewed out quotes that are supposed to follow that generic happy line.

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 08:22:09 PM 04/01/16 »

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 07:10:41 PM 04/01/16 »
Is all I have to say

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 06:44:50 PM 04/01/16 »
Lies! >__>

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 05:04:59 PM 04/01/16 »
Well, I was a Werewolf for a tiny bit, quite the lovely set of abilities, here's some of them:

Hibernate was very useful!

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 02:46:18 PM 04/01/16 »
*frown* I started playing two weeks ago.

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 06:56:30 AM 04/01/16 »
I've been killed by one of them and saw them as well, they're cute, little fluffy dog people! Hopefully we'll have the ability to turn into one soon.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 06:53:25 AM 03/28/16 »
Well, someone suggested I take a look at this delightful game and I found it interesting to say the least. A pleasant evening to everyone, I'm Cairath von Engelskampf and hopefully my stay won't be short.

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