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You batter Slade Stryker with your Excalibolg for 13 damage to the gut, their Military Armor blocks 3 damage. They die.

You batter Roly with your Excalibolg for 16 damage to the head. They die.

I feel so guilty and dark ;-;

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one! Registration only.
« on: 12:43:52 AM 10/01/16 »
Es well as I

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 05:35:45 PM 09/23/16 »

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 11:21:05 PM 09/22/16 »
I'll participate. Anyway of us knowing who legit got killed? People can just say they killed player X and ruin it pretty fast. Or a player denying they where killed.

Why do I have to die ;-;

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one!
« on: 08:13:08 PM 09/19/16 »
I'm in lol   ::)

Right? How the hell do we not have actual brains to eat? Seems like something that should've been in the game from the start. I demand Human Brains as the next and best zombie healing item :P
pretty plz

I just realized that we have zombies but no brains to use for them ;-;

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 02:19:15 PM 08/13/16 »

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 04:37:40 PM 07/30/16 »
Working as intended.
Sounds amazing :D

Hell Rising / Re: Greatest Glitch Ever!
« on: 01:17:13 AM 04/30/16 »
So in the middle of joint hunting a nefarious one, I found with the help of a zombie named Nexus the greatest glitch ever!

Basically it allows vampires (maybe humans too) to hide outside!!!!

It needs perfect timing to pull off between a vampire (maybe human) with hang/hide and a zombie with the drag skill. All you have to do is hide at the exact moment you are dragged out and bam! You are hiding outside, And apparently untouchable, Only able to be seen when found. Ha!  :batman:

Edit: On this character, building is a total disaster, lights are out umm... I'm a vamp at 20 HP thats all the vital info I suppose.
I just found him and tryed to kill him, I CANT KILL HIM!!!!!!

Hell Rising / Re: Group Storage Question
« on: 07:02:54 PM 04/04/16 »
Ok where is that set at?
Your leader has to give it to you.

Hell Rising / Re: [Story] - Wasteland Nurse
« on: 06:36:14 PM 04/03/16 »
I like it! Need more ;p
I agree I would also like more  :o

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 08:40:11 PM 04/01/16 »
Maybe in Hell Rising 2.
I don't know what to believe anymore ;-;

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