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Slimy Stories / Re: Red Apple Snacks
« on: 05:06:11 PM 05/21/17 »
About 5 paragraphs in I suddenly realized what this story is.  Thank you for taking our dumbass request.

As someone who was bullied a lot in elementary school, I derive a sick sort of schadenfreude from this story.  The bullies never got their comeuppance.  Reading it now gives me a little closure, so thank you for that too.

Good to see you taking a pot shot at Faceless Co again, that packaging always creeped me out.

I get a really good 80's B-movie Horror vibe from this.  It's funny, so much creepypasta tries to make slasher flicks a serious and edgy thing, when sometimes the best method is just embrace the campiness.  Your story did a great job of that.

Overall, very entertaining and very relatable.

The Shitty Stories / Re: You Got Blood in My Ink
« on: 07:30:15 PM 08/19/16 »
As a part-time narrator, this is all accurate and true.

The Shitty Stories / Re: Stalking Ancestor
« on: 02:05:05 AM 03/20/16 »

*Pulls pullstring on old toy* The rug says, "Murder!"

Creepy Media Picks / Re: Meet The Faceless Corporation
« on: 07:03:30 PM 03/10/16 »
Here's part 2 if you liked the first!

Slimy Stories / Re: Clomstace, Garmabob, and Dorbenmueller
« on: 10:48:02 PM 01/30/16 »
Very eerie.  I kept thinking the three names were mispronunciations of something real, maybe they still are.

Slimy Stories / Re: Has Anyone Been Called by Codger?
« on: 08:50:44 PM 01/24/16 »
I saw that you were referencing, or at least musing, about 1999 and Candle Cove with this one; personally, I think you did a great job.  The inclusion of Dwayne's death actually made it more emotional and scary for me.

Rap Battles / Re: C'thulhu vs. Dr. Zoidberg
« on: 07:27:17 AM 01/08/16 »
ERB really should pay you and make this battle happen.

Creepy Media Picks / Re: "Corruptus" Reading
« on: 01:03:41 AM 01/02/16 »
Thanks so much for posting my reading!  It's one of my favorite stories yet, and I can't wait to narrate more of your work.

Slimy Stories / Re: Real Cop Drama with Officer Glad
« on: 05:23:59 AM 12/27/15 »
Whoo boy.  I don't normally care for stories containing large amounts of graphic violence, but you handelled it in such a well-thought manner.  It was the topic of the story, but not so central that it bogged anything down.

Good work!

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