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Hell Rising / Re: To Death Squad
« on: 10:49:04 PM 12/20/16 »
I return once more, this time for good, hopefully you all still roam the scape. I have graduated the countries combat training course and am now in training for my job, thus freedom to use a phone. Once again i wish to play hellrising, i miss my comrades dearly.

Hell Rising / Re: To Death Squad
« on: 01:03:35 AM 09/04/16 »
If you do reply i will check this for my remainder of days on this mortal coil, hopefully i will make this through. I didnt plan to reply so late but i have been busy doing all i can. If you do accept me i will be here for the squad.

Hell Rising / Re: To Death Squad
« on: 12:57:49 AM 09/04/16 »
Sorry it seems like forever now, i joined the nations military, i will be leaving soon, i apologize for my absence for i have been doing training. I would like to play once more, but as i've said i can not. I typed in my username and password and it states it is incorrect even though i am of utmost certainty it is as i've set it. The game does not allow me to play

Hell Rising / To Death Squad
« on: 08:49:13 AM 03/01/16 »
I know I haven't been on in a while, I can't seem to log in anymore I've been trying and waiting so it doesn't seem like I'll be able to play anymore but I'd like to...

Hell Rising / Re: NPC Spawn Time Updates
« on: 03:53:00 PM 10/27/15 »
Awesome NPCs, all around great update, pretty excited for the weekend.

Hell Rising / Re: No me gusta rooftop run doubling AP
« on: 10:12:01 PM 10/21/15 »
Rooftop run is one of the good things about being human, which is just being thrown out the window now. Work on undead skills, yea humans kinda have an advantage with this skill. But each race has their own advantages so it equals out. 1 AP MASTER RACE

Hell Rising / Your Loadout
« on: 06:44:56 PM 10/19/15 »
What are my comrade's load outs?

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