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Slimy Stories / Re: Robber
« on: 03:32:24 PM 09/14/15 »
Nicely done, Slime. Keep up the awesome work!

Slimy Stories / Re: 100 Hours
« on: 01:54:06 PM 09/14/15 »
Let me guess...

Does he stayed in the shelter for a couple minutes and everything that happened was his immagination?

Slimy Stories / Re: Searching For A Face
« on: 02:09:38 PM 09/10/15 »
didn't get it

The Shitty Stories / Re: Secret Admirer
« on: 03:37:25 PM 09/08/15 »
****** SPOILER ALERT! ******

Sove = Love
Kiss = ??

Now read the story again.

PS: You continues to surpreend me, Slime...

Slimy Stories / Re: A Flash of Blue
« on: 02:33:43 PM 09/08/15 »
Someone explain that one to me PLS

Slimy Stories / Re: Disappear Hole
« on: 08:46:42 AM 09/04/15 »
Sooo.. there was a fourth bike at the end?

Slimy Stories / Re: Eyeful
« on: 03:36:39 PM 09/03/15 »
English isn't my mother language but I can translate almost everything at your stories, Slime.

But "Head tilted, jet black hair dipping slightly into the foam, I let him see the slick, black recesses around the twin pinpricks of white light and the over-sized grin. Dark lips glistening and all!" is a phrase that I just cant understand at all.

Dunno if it's a translate issue or.. i just did'nt get it.. :)

PS: I'm reading all of your stories, and loving them all. Keep up the good work!

Slimy Stories / Re: I Need My Bear
« on: 01:06:56 PM 09/03/15 »
Have you met my friend Tibbers?

Slimy Stories / Re: Doghouse
« on: 11:33:48 AM 09/01/15 »
i kind of did'nt get it.

The Shitty Stories / Re: FPS
« on: 01:49:56 PM 08/31/15 »
I confess that i didn't understand at first and looked to the comments. :v

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