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Slimy Stories / Re: Dead Letter
« on: 11:25:21 AM 11/02/14 »
I'm not quite sure if I understand.

Slimy Stories / Re: Spider Earth
« on: 03:17:32 PM 10/14/14 »
This is amazing, and one of my favourites. I'm one of those people who can't stand spiders, but is simultaneously fascinated with them.

Sorry, "God", Fazbear wins.

The Shitty Stories / Re: One Simple Test
« on: 03:12:07 PM 10/14/14 »
Maximum Overdrive, anyone?
I was wondering why my electric blanket was trying to smother me. Can't say I blame it, really.

Slimy Stories / Re: Squiggles
« on: 03:06:09 PM 10/14/14 »
Wow, Kermit really let himself go after that last film. Poor guy.

Pop Culture Crap / Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
« on: 03:01:44 PM 10/14/14 »
Would you believe that I actually had one of these? It had an orange ball thing, as well as Raadvark and Glosirus.

Slimy Stories / Re: Eyeful
« on: 02:57:07 PM 10/14/14 »
Totally worth it.

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