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Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 07:50:42 AM 09/27/14 »
Was it always possible to travel on the nine spaces that form Fort Boilings without going inside or is this a glitch?

For what I know no, it wasn't possible before but since yesterday it was added that with some other things like Zombie, Vampire or Human Soldiers NPCs and some items that can be found killing them. At least, I think it was consciously added.

EDIT : I'd also like to report a bug on the Fort Building... When inside, you can't see the structural situation of it, like if it's Wrecked or Usable apart from the Gatehouse and the Armory :/

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:08:02 PM 09/25/14 »
Yeah. And also, I have another idea.
I know it may be a little "not-really-fair" thing, but due recentely the Lazarix Case to carry Revival Serum has been added, wouldn't be great also add two containers for healings and ammo, like a "Doctor Bag" or/and an "Ammo Belt" ? I know as I said that may make the things "too easy", but still if a container for Revival Serum has been created it would be a pity not add those also for healings and ammo, in my opinion.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 04:03:19 PM 09/21/14 »
Yeah. But I meant, also use it like... Weapon, for example throwing it to an enemy and make it explode; or bigger spreading of fire than usually it would do. But probably it would be too much to ask :/

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:43:30 AM 09/21/14 »
Yeah, agree with Herbert West.
Also in my opinion could be added the Gas Can as weapon to set fire to buildings or people with a Lighter.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 07:07:29 AM 09/10/14 »
Well, I forgot to post here my indroduction the first time, but yeah, better late than never.
I'm Fluttermaster, I'm actually here since about a month, and I'm Human.
I'm mostly friendly and pacific and I usally don't attack if I'm not attacked, even if sometimes in particular cases I could do it :awesome:
So, yeah, that's all. I hope to meet new people, new friends, and possibly not so much enemies. See you around! ;D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:14:55 AM 08/27/14 »
Yeah, I know about the Hiding skill, that I'm soon going to gain; but this suggestion was infact made not to avoid to be killed when offline, but instead to give a sense about why the player, as normal human, doesn't react to the wounds inflicted, standing there like a stupid.
Like, with the sleeping option infact it would make more sense as the player is sleeping and is killed while asleep, unable to react to the other player. And also the thing of gain a bit more AP while sleeping looks pretty nice and useful...
While instead, thinking better, maybe the "auto-defense" system may be a bit too complicated to be done as it should include a kind of "bot" that has to do all the actions that a normal player online would do.
So yeah, probably the "Sleeping" option would be the more interesting one :)

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:14:03 PM 08/26/14 »
In my opinion, some things should be improved, like when the player leaves.

I mean, it's nice that even if you log out your character will stay where is left, but it may not be better improve a kind of "auto-defend" when the player logs out or leaves ? Like, having your character fighting back automatically with the first weapon in the inventory and so fighting back for his/her life ?
Or at least, if it is too complicated or it doesn't sound good, wouldn't be better insert an option like "Sleeping" used when the player has to log out, disconnect or has to restore the AP ? Or maybe, insert an automatic message on people that logged out or disconnected like "*nickname* is sleeping" ?

At least, in my opinion, in those two ways it would look better than imagining a player simply standing there like a stupid and letting another one to kill him/her...

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 05:13:59 PM 08/26/14 »
No, I haven't still did that, but I anyway died while having still that status, being killed by a player, and it didn't experienced. So I don't think it may work :/

Edit : Okay, found out. That's completely nosense and I don't understand why that happened, but...
For some reason, looks like the problem was the Taser right in my inventory (that I use to stun NPCs).
I dropped it, and the state of "Dazed" disappeared suddently for some unknown reason ò_ò
Maybe the game files messed a bit reading "Taser" in my profile and so bugging all ? I don't know...
Still, that's really, really strange. Now I've acquired another one, but it doesn't give me again the state.
I don't know if it's a rare bug happened only to me, but still that was pretty annoying :/

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:26:22 PM 08/26/14 »
Sorry if I ask, but I think I've met a bug...
I've met another player recentely that hit me with a taser, inflicting me the "Dazed" status, but before he could have done more I've escaped.
The problem is, I have still the "Dazed" status, and it says me that I have still "10 actions" to do before it can expire. I've tried so to do normal actions, but it didn't work. Also I've tried to attack a NPC thinking the "actions" to do were maybe combat actions, but it didn't work anyway.
So, how can I let this state expire, since it says me that the "attack success rate" is reduced ? It's a bug, or have I do something else precise to expire it ?

Hell Rising / Re: Revive/devive Requests
« on: 07:35:55 AM 08/25/14 »
Okay !
Also, if I now wake up as zombie and then I get killed again, I can still become an human if revived, right ? Sorry, but as I said I'm new on this game <.<

Edit : Okay, Kata saved and revived me again, thanks a lot ;D

Hell Rising / Re: Revive/devive Requests
« on: 04:07:27 AM 08/25/14 »
I need another revive, same place, same coordinates.
My unluck wanted me to met as soon as I've been revived a not-really-friendy player right there that killed me :-\

Hell Rising / Re: Revive/devive Requests
« on: 06:51:59 PM 08/24/14 »
Revive, please ^^
My nick is Fluttermaster in the game too and I'm at East Underlook, at the coordinates 517,495 , precisely out the "Bleeker Electronics" building. Thanks ;D

Edit : Thanks :D

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