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In Comics / Re: If you could build a team...
« on: 06:21:47 PM 01/02/12 »
Team books could be the way to go all ages, like lost in space with super powers.

The pilot would be a captain america style super soldier. The father would be a super medic. The mom would be a powerhouse, like Nova. The hot teenaged daughter would be the monster character with super strength. The young son would be a high energy character like Speedball mixed with Spiderman and the Human Torch. And don't forget the robot!

It would be like National Lampoon's Space Vacation. And I've even got a title - Distant Relatives!

In Comics / Re: All 16 Pre-Fab Titles on InComics.com
« on: 06:16:38 PM 01/02/12 »
If I had to list interest..

1. Sane - hands down the concept I would choose to write
2. Mortal Wounds/Old Soul - both of these could be interesting to write in an Invincible style comic
3. 'Roid - space opera + action = GL mixed with Lobo
4. Blood Agents - X-Files meets Creature Commandos
5. Mothman/The Gremlin/The Quiz - all have potential to be Deadpool/The Punisher style characters

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