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General Discussion / Re: Grav.Falls Abandoned By Disney
« on: 04:17:55 PM 08/13/14 »
That one with the carpet. It  isn't a reference to any SCP in particular but it to the foundation

General Discussion / Re: Grav.Falls Abandoned By Disney
« on: 06:01:11 PM 08/01/14 »
I think there will be a episode about it but it isn't the bunker episode because I know now that's about something different

General Discussion / Grav.Falls Abandoned By Disney
« on: 07:01:36 AM 08/01/14 »
Hi I got up early to do this. Ever heard of Gravity falls on Disney XD I think...  Some people hate it. I love it. I mean who can't love it. It's made by one of the guys who made Homestar Runner. But I when watched a awesome commercial about it. I saw something. In the commercial there were cultists monsters and Bill. But something really caught my eye(other than the giant eye) a few mascots with red eyes trying to kill people. Then there were zombies. I don't know about most people but I always associate zombies with ABD. They could be from another episode. I looked ahead and one of the 2 shows set to record was the BUNKER. Sure. Evil mascots aren't Mickey and bunkers aren't always Room Zero but the weird thing is this has happened before. They referenced SCP once

General Discussion / Re: Face swap!!!!
« on: 02:57:16 PM 07/21/14 »
Awesome! Too bad I don't have Photoshop

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 02:34:52 PM 07/21/14 »
Hello there folks! I'm CheezMcBurger and I'm new to this forum! I came on this forum just to do one thing but after I went through the registration process I thought that it was too much trouble just for PMing someone. Seriously that verification thing is brutal. Isn't that type these numbers thing hard enough. There's like 7 questions just to sign up. And it made me repeat it!

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