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Slimy Stories / Re: Afterpeople
« on: 06:45:04 AM 10/12/14 »
I feel really bad for the Afterpeople. They just try so hard.

Slimy Stories / Re: Companionship
« on: 09:49:23 AM 06/02/14 »
Thought I'd respond to this one since it has more recent replies than "My Children," which I can't find the thread for.

Does this take place before or after "My Children"? Because the doctor talks like there is going to be this impending apocalypse of monsters invading the street. This would be odd if that was a prequel, because they are still very much locked up in here. Unless maybe the doctor was just conceited to believe that everything would fall into chaos if he wasn't running the show.

Also, did Lizzie intend to kill the doctor? She doesn't seem like the type. I can only assume that she somehow salvaged the narrator in this story after his bones decided they wanted to take up interpretive dance. And he more-or-less attacked one of her "friends."

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