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Hell Rising / More Helpful Consumables
« on: 06:02:31 PM 05/11/14 »
Hi, everyone. I'm Scott Lynch. I'm kind of new here, and maybe it's not polite to introduce myself with a couple suggestions on how to improve the game, but that's what I'm gonna do anyways. I think the best way to get my point across is with a theoretical scenario. Here we go:

So I'm walking through the streets of Sterling, having my fair share of firearm based bad-assery. After a couple kills, I look down and say to myself "Damn, I'm getting tired." I have 10 ap to frantically search for somewhere to hide. I wander a few blocks, but most buildings I keep finding are barricaded. I finally find one with the doors wide open with two ap left. After spending those 2 on finding somewhere to hide in the building, I have no luck. I'm pretty much on a platter for anyone who wanders in...

Why not make cigarettes atleast slightly beneficial? I haven't found any, but judging by the wiki page they must do -1 health or something? That might be an assumption on my part, though. But what if when losing health, you gain 2 ap you might be in dire need of to hide or attempt to put up barricades with?

Scenario two. I'm waking up, minding my own in whatever hole I crawled into on my last login with full ap. Today I planned on scrounging for some ammo since I have none, but it turns out a zombie stumbled into my humble abode. I may have no ammo, but I've got a six pack of beer...

Why not get blunt melee/unarmed bonuses when you drink? Maybe not for bladed weapons, because that would seem to require a little more...finesse to use. Maybe +1 damage per drink, maybe at the cost of 2-5% accuracy each beer you down. With vampires getting combat bonuses for each kill, why not get some use out of the simple vices us living take for granted? Plus, I think it'd be a nice aesthetic touch to the game.

Feel free to criticize and shoot down  8)

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