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Slimy Stories / Re: Whimsywood
« on: 10:45:45 PM 08/24/14 »
This is fantastic.  It plays on the irrational fear that I (and, I think, others) had as a kid, that my parents would forget me somewhere and I'd be left all alone with no one to care for me.  Never mind the fact that they'd always be just around the corner, never even suspecting that I would be worried.  Maybe THIS time they really did forget.

I agree with the theory that Whimsywood is a place for parents to intentionally leave their kids behind.  That might be what the staff member was talking to the narrator's parents about, and why the narrator had such a bad feeling about her right afterward.  The toys that were tossed from the cars were thrown away not in confusion, but in celebration.  The narrator was saved because his initial feelings of unease caused him to immediately seek shelter at the bottom of the ride.

Slimy Stories / Re: Tea and Necromancy
« on: 11:09:04 PM 05/11/14 »
Makes me wonder who the narrator is...

Slimy Stories / Re: Don't Pet the Dog
« on: 08:54:58 PM 05/11/14 »
My policy has always been to avoid clichés like the plague.

Slimy Stories / Re: Bootleg
« on: 10:34:19 PM 05/08/14 »
Someone needs to work on his embalming skills...

Slimy Stories / Re: Bonus Room
« on: 10:07:19 PM 05/08/14 »
I agree with the mind control interpretation.  It seems these people are working on a way to take advantage of the human need for exerting effort and reaping reward (the same idea that makes companies like Zynga so profitable).  Kyle was successfully convinced that every task he's being asked to do--from answer philosophical questions to punching him in the face--will help him destroy the villain that he's been fighting.  I'm not sure what the shade thing is for, and it seems odd that something that followed him his whole life was only mentioned at the very end.  It also seems odd that it's been following him since before he was even introduced to video games.  I was also confused by the gory bits inserted into the non-I-Boy related games.  Maybe they were just testing whether gamers would be repelled when asked to perform tasks that didn't sit well with them.  As to the reactions of the other gamers, they probably hadn't been molded by video games from as early an age as Kyle, so they experienced a terrible conflict between their need to complete the game with their unwillingness to perform its sickening tasks, and the conflict manifested itself physically.

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