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Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 06:36:14 PM 06/12/14 »
welcome back sigfried

Hell Rising / Re: The undead vs Barricades.
« on: 03:02:23 PM 05/20/14 »
fences are great.  instead of attacking each other, we can build and tear down fences!  let's do it!  But one more thing...we should be able to put graffiti on the fences.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:33:54 PM 04/23/14 »
How about a penalty for TK? I mean, the folks at the top of the list are going to TK anyhow, but these days a dedicated group of TK'ers seem bent on driving everyone off the game. It was one thing when there was a huge playerbase and people like IronMikeTyson roamed the much larger grid, killing folks. Now, with this smaller grid, trying to hide from TK'ers is an exercise in futility and, since they are using so many alts to do it, it becomes a pointless effort to barricade a building, or even bother to remain alive.

When it was undead versus humans, with multiple factions, things worked great. Now that it is some humans against 2 people with 60-70 alts between them, not so much.
There is always a time for TKing.  Usually if someone pisses you off.  I don't think it should be standard procedure though.  Perhaps make TKing cost 2 AP instead of 1.  You can still do it if you really want, but it will cost you.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:13:44 PM 04/23/14 »
I think it would be cool for each race to have a stronghold of some sort.  For instance, vamps could have  underground catacombs, zombies could have a larger cemetery with tombs, humans could continue to have a fort, perhaps larger and with some changes.  In the strongholds only the race that corresponds to it would be able to hide.  TKing would not work in the stronghold.  The other races could organize and try to take take the stronghold, but it would be difficult.  The strongholds would be far enough away from each other that you wouldn't be able to launch attacks one other strongholds from the home base and then be able to get back.  In other words, we wouldn't want people hanging out in it all the time.

At the very least, one small area for each race that you can't TK each other in.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 11:31:27 PM 04/21/14 »
Howdy y'all. It's Cheap Malt Liquor Reserve.

If anybody wants to bash my skull in, I'll be at the power plant (there's still a power plant, right? Riiiiight?).
Have you tried the Black Berry Alloy Series 211?  Still 8%, but with a pleasant cough syrup aftertaste.  It lingers on the tongue like Burger King Onion Rings.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 11:28:18 PM 04/21/14 »
i'm octavello and i don't like emoticons

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